Gaile Edrozo and Victoria Johnson

Gaile Edrozo (36) and her colleague Victoria Johnson (26) talk about mental health, working in healthcare, and GE's experience with depression. GE shares her mental health journey—from a conservative upbringing to seeking therapy—and shares advice on taking care of oneself.

a talented artist Sarah Baab interviewed by Thien Ong

thien ong: 2021-10-20 01:30:23 I interviewed my best friend which I've known since middle school. we went through the good and bad together and I would like to share her story on and view on art. Sarah Baab is a...

A Conversation With My Dad About My Sister and I

Fitz Dettmer (18) has a personal talk with his dad, Matthew Dettmer (50) about raising him and his sister Graelyn (22), both of whom are queer and neurodivergent. Discussions of when differences were noticed, why, the different atmospheres they were...

Stephanie Joseph and Adrienne Wilson

Adrienne M. Wilson (26) interviews her client Stephanie Joseph (53) about her early life, learning to cope with her mental illnesses, coming out as lesbian, and her life today as an accountant.

Deborah Ranniger and Virginia Lora

Deborah Ranniger (58) talks to SC Facilitator Virginia Lora (26) about her dad Leonard Cornell who passed away 5 years ago of Alzheimers. She tells the story her dad would tell over and over again about going to the 1929...

Twanna Walker and Samarie Walker

Twanna Walker: 2020-05-05 00:49:24 Twanna Walker talks with her daughter Samarie Walker about being LGBTQ + Black Woman speaks about her struggles with mental illness