Breaking the cycle

Panita(34) and Paul Harvey (38) have been together for over 16 years. Met during their time in service in US Army National Guard, they had 1 daughter together. They both had suffered through childhood trauma and multiple mental problems but...

Wynter Mathews and John Mathews

Wynter Mathews [no age given] speaks with her husband John “Wes” Mathews (44) about what drew them both to military service, positive role models, and the differences in military service within their families.

Caroline L'huillier and Sylvie Lubow

Sylvie Lubow (30) interviews veteran Caroline L'huillier (52) about her challenging experiences as a trans person in the military and how her identity has impacted her relationships with friends and family.

Nathan Galloway and BethAnne Galloway

BethAnne Galloway (47) interviews her spouse, Nathan Thomas Galloway (47), about his career in the Army National Guard.

(Roland) Gabe Sevigny and Hazel Diaz

Hazel Diaz (32) interviews new acquaintance Gabe Sevigny (34) about losing his friend Kyle while they were deployed in Iraq, and the support of family and friends.

Paul Watkins and Rebecca Davio

Paul Watkins (72) tells his friend Rebecca Davio (60) about playing football at West Point and how his military career impacted his life and his decision to reenlist post 9/11.

Scott Mulcahy and Cole Mulcahy

Cole Mulcahy (19) interviews his father, Scott Mulcahy (54), about his time in the Air Force, his deployments to Iraq, and his service in the Army.

Ray Trower, former member of the U.S. Army, National Guard, and Army Reserves, shares his story.

Savannah McCool, a high school sophomore, interviews veteran Ray Trower. The two talk about Trower's experience joining the military, the impact of military service, and Trower's views on the current conflicts in Afghanistan.

Brenna Saldana and Amanda Herrera

Amanda Nichole Herrera (33) and Brenna Saldaña (22) talk about their miliatary service in the Army National Guard, hiding their sexual orientation while serving, Don't Ask Don't Tell and it's repeal.