Dealing with past problems

Mother and daughter discuss a severe problem that changed both of their lives.

Julian Orozco Rios and Karla Rivas

Julian Orozco Rios (27) conversa con su novia Karla Janette Rivas (26) acerca de su vida en Ciudad Juarez, México, y cómo se reencontraron en Chicago después de años de no verse. [Julian Orozco Rios has a conversation with his...

Susan Dakorson Addresses The Sad Fact of What It's Like For A Young African American Girl Dealing With The Ideal Hair Standard In America.

I interviewed 21-year-old Susan Dakorson who also goes by Susie, a close friend of mine, of what it was like growing up in America dealing with and breaking the ideal Hair standard in American society for African American women. Susie...

Hank Martin and DeVon Wade

[Recorded: Thursday, August 4th, 2022] Hank (59) and DeVon (33) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Hank was born and raised in rural Albemarle County, Virginia and has worked various jobs in his life. DeVon recently joined...


In this interview Kayla speaks out on her struggles with bullying and race.

GK Do and Anne Etten

[Recorded: Wednesday, February 9th, 2022] Separated by age and differences in how they grew up, GK Do and Anne Etten come together and realize they have more in common than they ever expected.

Greg Elliott and James Jackson

Friends Greg Elliott (56) and James "Jay" Jackson (56) interview one another on their individual identities, how their race plays into experiences, and the importance of solidarity.

Life Back Home In Guyana And Here

On September 26, 2018 in Bronx, New York, I (Shabeena Samad) interview Beverly Basdeo (Ms. Persaud). Ms. Persaud is a teacher at Mott Hall V, that teach Social Studies. She is 30 years old and is also a mother of...

A Filipino parent’s solution to bullying.

Brothers recount a bullying incident in elementary school. An older teen was taking the boy’s lunch every day. This is a story (many families have very similar stories)... about how this family (and the school district) managed the problem of...

Bella Storycorps English Interview

I got the chance to interview one of my closest friends Bella, and we touched on subjects like future plans, how she has grown as a person, and how events from her past have helped her become who she is...

Bullying Scenario interview

We discussed what steps to take in the scenario of a student bullying another student outside of school.

Are you what people judge you to be?

I wanted to further understand my mom’s upbringing in America and her struggles with being from Iran at a time where people had very negative images of it. I asked her questions about her experiences with racial prejudice and discrimination...

Carly Robinson and Brian Ball

Brian Ball (15) interviews his camp counselor and supervisor Carly Robinson (39). Carly talks to Brian about her love for the outdoors and her passion for teaching summer camp. Carly also opens up about being bullied during in her childhood.

November 22, 2022 App Interview

The participants of this interview were Al'Toreya Berry the interviewer and the interviewee was Kenias Magwood. The interview takes off back into the time of kenias youth and household traditions which incorporates an in-depth insight into his intellect and past...

branham cultural wellness project

Talked with my classmate Dozie about growing up and being African in America.

My Experience With Bullying And How That Has Changed My Perspective On Leadership

Audrey and I talk about my experience with moving across the country, going through bullying, and my mental health journey and how I feel like these things impacted how I present myself as a leader.

Daniel Abril and Gloria Abril

Gloria Abril (62), an advocate for her nephew Daniel Abril (25), interviews him about his struggle with mental illness and what has been most challenging throughout his journey.

Story Corp DIY

Randy Bauer is a 60 year old man I know through a family friend at church. we discussed some controversial topics during todays age and the difference in his high school experience versus high school now.