A conversation with Calgary Waldorf School Early Childhood teacher Karen Fjestad

Preschool teacher Karen Fjestad of the Calgary Waldorf school talks about what brought her to the Waldorf School, What fulfills her in work at the school, how Waldorf benefited her own children's education and life skills, how Waldorf education contributes...

The story from behind the Camera

This conversation between Sonya(20) and her dad, Sylvain(61), explores broadcast news from the perspective of someone who works behind the camera. Sylvain has worked for CBC for almost four decades and details how he found himself doing this work, the...

Interview for immagration project

This interview is about my cousin Rachel Melanson immagration from Canada tk the United States.

Great Thanksgiving Listen Interview with Fenton Banting

My grandfather Peter Banting talks about government and his personal life

Walter Davis and Bill Fields

Life Partners Walter Davis (64) and Bill Fields (55) talk about the one room school houses, the Peace Corps, their Unitarian Universalist Church, and other places where they’ve found a sense of community and what the word means to them.

"Communication is our responsibility." an interview with Jay Famiglietti

James Famiglietti, hydrologist and Director of the Global Institute for Water Security, University of Saskatchewan, discusses his work with NASA's Gravity Recovery and Climate Experience (GRACE) and the evolution of technology throughout his career including its impact on water security....

Stephen Barbuto and Nancy Mikkelsen

Stephen Barbuto (48) talks with his mother Nancy Mikkelsen (82) about her life growing up on Prince Edward Island in Canada, Nancy's college experience, recollections of her family life, and how proud she is of her children.

Laurence Hendrickson And Hadley Darrell, The Journey of An American Immigrant

This is an interview with an immigrant from Canada to The U.S. and their struggles coming to America.

Irvin Fieber WWII Veteran

Irvine Fieber (96) talks with his granddaughter Emily Fieber (17) about his experience being drafted into Army AirCorps during WWII.

Patrick Groulx and Helen Rubinstein

Patrick Groulx (69) talks to StoryCorps Facilitator Helen Rubinstein (28) about his theory of “The Human Thermostat,” about overcoming his dyslexia, being an athlete at the Humana National Senior Games, 2011.

Around the World

We dove into were Cody was born and lived throughout his life in different countries and how it has shaped him

Dami Ayandipo and Virginia Warren

[Recorded: Thursday, September 7, 2023] Dami Ayandipo (19) from Ashburn, VA, and Virginia Warren (19) from Midlothian, VA participated in this One Small Step conversation as part of their Public Service Pathways 1-credit UNST course at UVA. Both students have...

Learning and Interviewing my Grandparents to learn more about their lives.

My grandparents, Kevin Walsh and Geraldine Walsh, grew up on the island of Newfoundland. They grew up in a time that was different from ours but had some similarities. My grandpa’s dad died when he was 12 and he was...