Maria Jaramillo and Jesus Jaramillo

Husband and wife Jesus Jaramillo (46) and Maria Jaramillo (45) interview each other about difficult memories from growing up, their journeys struggling with depression, and the love they have for each other. Stories of abuse, rape, and suicidality are shared...

Childrens Enviormental effects

This is my podcast for my creative nonfictional piece

Kathy Dellinger and Erin DeVera

Kathy Dellinger (57) talks to her daughter, Erin DeVera (37), about the hardships in her life, being a mother, and her outlook on life.

Her Tragic Stories

We talked about my grandmother’s tragic childhood, adolescence and emerging adulthood stages. And how God has healed her from the past.

Jennifer and Carol

Jennifer S: 2021-02-09 02:47:27, Jennifer interviews Carol about being a career prosecutor.

Denny Garrett and Erin Dickey

D.W. Garrett (48) talks to facilitator Erin Dickey (25) about the abuse he suffered growing up at the hands of his father.

Barbara Brown-Johnson and Michelle Lane

Colleagues Michelle "Micki" Lane (51) and Barbara Brown-Johnson (70) interview one another about their time and experiences at The Child Advocacy Center.

Mary and William

Interview of Mary Kirk by her grandson William Wood. 5/4/2019. Mary gave much shorter answers than I had hoped. Mary was afraid to elaborate or cry.

Erik Hayes and Marty Martin

One Small Step conversation partners Erik Hayes (55) and Marty Martin (70) discuss their earliest political memories, their passion for making the world a better place, and why commonalities are more important than differences.

The transformational power of mentorship in college

Our conversation centered on my transformation from two-time college dropout plagued with depression and suicide ideation to college graduate in my mid-40s and eventually a Ph.D. from the Missouri School of Journalism. Dr. Ross’ encouragement and influence paved the way...

Hope Hawkins and Roger Hawkins

Hope Hawkins (69) talks with Roger Hawkins (71) about the murder of her mother, grief, resilience, and learning to befriend her pain.

Criminality in Adolescence

Liliana Dietz discusses criminality in adolescence with Mary, who has experience with adolescents in the county probation department and in children's services.

Child abuse-Black boy interview

I talked with my father about his experience as a social worker. Working with abused children. And how it effected them growing up.

Mike Boehrer and Philip Sikora

One Small Step partners Mike Boehrer (53) and Philip Sikora (69) spend an hour discussing their personal political evolutions, law enforcement, and fatherhood in the context of retirement. Note: This interview contains mention of rape.

Shanika Ampah and Nathan Earl

Friends Nathan Earl (46) and Shanika Ampah (41) discuss how they each came to the anti-trafficking field, their individual stories of being trafficked, what they hope to see in the ant-trafficking field, and how they would like to pass on...