Felipe De Jesus Peralta and Felipe Peralta

Felipe De Jesus Peralta (78) speaks with his son, Felipe Peralta (46), about el Segundo Barrio, fatherhood, family, and gratitude.

Neelima Rani Dittakavi, Anil Revuru, Nimeesha Revuru, Akanksha Revuru

The National holiday of Holi in India is a celebration of Good over Evil. For that one day all is forgiven and forgotten. Where family, friends, communities and people gather with bonfires, sweets, food and a cultural drink in a...

Sandra Jewell and Imani Thomas

Friends Rev. Dr. Sandra Jewell [no age given] and Imani Thomas [no age given] discuss what brought them together as friends and the life lessons that connect them.

Steven Markel and Donn Markel

Brothers Steven Markel (67) and Donn Markel (72) share their experience with Parkinson's Disease, specifically Steven's diagnosis, Donn's role as a caregiver, and their father's experience with Parkinson's in the 1950s and 1960s.

Alice Wong & Rochelle Kwan

Alice Wong (46) talks with her friend, Rochelle Kwan (27), about growing up Asian American and disabled in the Midwest, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the Disability Visibility Project.

Sarah Chesnutt and Eric Denny

The Hurricane Island Outward Bound School (HIOBS) Executive Director, Eric Denny, and Staffing Director Sarah Chesnutt talk about how they began to work at HIOBS, the value of this type of education in our world, and their excitement for courses...

Indira Garcia and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Indira Garcia was born in Chile during the 1973 Chilean coup d'état, which had a significant effect on her childhood. She was raised in Mexico with a strong focus on intellectualism and family bonds. She...

Steve Hayashi and Jason Dare: Stories from school to volunteering

Board of Directors Storytelling Project: Our second Storycorps conversation is between SFV Board Members Steve Hayashi (78) and Jason Dare (49). Amidst many laughs, they speak about how their paths led them to SFV, hobbies which included volunteering as a...

Jinny Savolainen and Gillian Cook

Jinny Savolainen: 2020-05-22 14:52:36 Jinny and Gill talk about small town life in pandemic times. "I have the best community in the history of mankind. I'm so thankful. "

COVID-19 Effects on Community and Family

In this interview, I discuss the effects of COVID-19 on the community and the family with my father. Past similar experiences, present adaptions, and possible future effects are all highlighted.

“We didn’t think it was real at first.”

Fabiola Resto & Pedro Damasceno speak prior to a vigil held for the victims of the tragedy at Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14th, 2018— a day prior to the date of this conversation. Fabiola shares her first-hand experience...

Mirae’s Community

I interviewed Mirae Mastroonardo on her experiences living in Park Ridge, IL and what kind of community Park Ridge is

Recording – 09-17-2023 12:23:27 Renee and David The Battle with Cancer

Renee Switzer,58 is talking with David Franklin, 62. They are cousins who feel more like sister and brother. Renee has finished treatments for breast cancer who sees the silver lining. This is a story of hope!

Lisa Graham, Lucy Cordes, and Genevieve Welch

Dr. Lisa Graham (47), director of the Wellesley College Choir, Lucy Cordes (21), President of the Choir, and Genevieve Welch (20), choral scholar with the Choir, speak about their experiences of the pandemic through the lens of choral singing and...

My interview with my loving mother

This about interview is about me, Mariano Castellanos, thirteen years old, who will be interviewing Fernanda Castellanos which is my loving mother who is 37 years old. The topics we mainly discussed were about my mothers childhood, growing up, what...

Elizabeth Duke and T. McClain

One Small Step conversation partners Elizabeth "Lani" Duke (74) and T. "Davina" McClain (56) share their political beliefs, memories and the ways they view change in the community.

Gen Grosse and Lisa Love

Lisa Love (47) interviews her good friend Gen Grosse (49) about Gen's loving and supportive spirit, their friendship and Gen's family history.