Dolores Henson and Kathryn Wooten

Kathryn Wooten interviews Dolores Henson, her grandmother, about growing up with a working class family in Glouster, Ohio, where most of her family and ancestry worked in the coal mines. Dolores remembers the two most important people in her life:...

Dara Schmidt and Stacie Ledden

Dara Schmidt (35) talks with her friend and coworker, Stacie Ledden (31), about her former job as a librarian in Los Angeles County Library District, and their experiences working for Rangeview Library District and the Anythink library branches.

Clyde Owen and Larry Godden

Clyde Owen (92) tells his friend Larry Godden (63) about how he got into the Army Air Corps (which later became the Air Force), the various planes he flew and bases he worked at, being shot down in Italy during...