MY Experience and opinion on Restorative Justice in schools.

Within this podcast, I talk about my school experience and how the school-to-prison pipeline and zero tolerance policies have affected my education process.

Sam Heath and Julia Kwiatkowski

[Recorded Tuesday, May 17, 2022] Sam Heath (35) and Julia Kwiatkowski (27) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, VA. Sam Heath discusses his experience working towards criminal justice reform, while Julia discusses her time as a social worker...

Volunteers In Service To America and Race in Milwaukee

I interviewed my grandfather about his time working with VISTA in 1969 in Milwaukee.

Meredith Dank and Amy Farrell

Friends and research colleagues Dr. Meredith Dank [no age given] and Dr. Amy Farrell (48) talk about the complexities of anti-trafficking work and the discoveries they have made in their research on human trafficking. They talk about the methods used...

Thom Bell Interview

I conducted an interview with Thom Bell, he is 48 years old, he is my boyfriend, and we talked about his experience, thoughts, and views about religion.

Group 29: Gender Justice & The Incarcerated Adelphi University School of Social Work

As part of the Social Action Project of 2023, our group interviewed 3 Former Incarcerated Persons charged with different criminal felonies. While it is important to know that incarceration is part of our justice system, the prisons in the United...

Philosophy 200 Interview Carolyn Evers

Carolyn Evers discusses the current state of the criminal justice system with friend and criminal justice major Vivi Velasquez.

StoryCorps Interview for Philosophy

Interview of my classmate Jorge who wants to pursue a major in Criminal Justice. The interview consists of questions related to The Big Questions by Robert Solomon and Kathleen Higgins.

Karim Abdullah and Phillip Hill

Karim Abdullah (70) speaks with friend and colleague Phillip Hill (59) about his life growing up in Memphis and his family's history. Karim discusses the independent Black community of Mound Bayou, his experience as a student in a segregated school,...

William White and Cassandra White

Cassandra White (50) listens to her father, William "Bill" White (75), remark on his lived experience in the Navy, as a criminal defense attorney, and so on.

I am Innocent, a conversation with Obie Anthony

Alexis Takagi talks to Obie Anthony, founder of Exonerated Nation, about the notion of presumption of innocence and the challenges within the transition of post-conviction. The Northern California Innocence Project (NCIP) is a non-profit clinical program of Santa Clara University...

Story Corps Interview Sharon Gonzalez Interviewing: Alexandria Torres

This interview is about what Alexandria sees herself doing with her degree. It gives her an ethical scenario of her job.

Alisa Richman and Marc Richman

Alisa Richman (40) talks to her father Marc Richman (74) about his career as an attorney in Dallas and their shared work.

Donna Runnels and Jodi Edwards

One Small Step conversation partners Donna Runnels (71) and Jodi Edwards (63) talk about law enforcement and working in prisons, family dynamics and growing up, and the people or events that shaped their beliefs.

Cyber Security

This interview was about Cyber Security. It was about how my uncle got into the career of Cyber Security.

Economic Justice & Criminal Justice System- Alex

Alex talks with Desire about how economics have impacted him within the criminal justice system

Jennifer and Carol

Jennifer S: 2021-02-09 02:47:27, Jennifer interviews Carol about being a career prosecutor.

Philosophy: Interviewing Caitlyn

I interviewed one of my classmates using a scenario and asking questions relating to our philosophy textbook for class

"Do what good you can" Chris Spangler, Wesley Donaldson, Joseph Palmer

Chris Spangler talks with his cousin Wesley Donaldson and friend Joseph Palmer, who are both Police Officers and went to high school together, about how to better reform the police. With many calling for defunding the police, what are some...