Learning Nana: An Afternoon With Diane Walker

A Nana tells her grandson what it was like growing up in the country and city during the Second World War, being Black in segregated America, and other challenges she faced later in life.

Solar Panels Geelong – Go Solar Go Green

Go Solar Go Green has been delivering the Best Solar Panels in Geelong for a long time. Although operating in the same sector for many years, Go Solar Go Green Solar Panels Geelong has built a reputation as one of Geelong's top Solar...

Diane Begala and Jean Friday

Diane Begala (60) interviews her mother, Jean Friday (84), about her early childhood growing up on a farm, the adventures of being a military wife, and finally, what it was like to be whisked away from Texas by her children...

Good Old Days

In this interview I talk with my grandfather about how his life was when he was a boy.