Learning Nana: An Afternoon With Diane Walker

A Nana tells her grandson what it was like growing up in the country and city during the Second World War, being Black in segregated America, and other challenges she faced later in life.

Good Old Days

In this interview I talk with my grandfather about how his life was when he was a boy.

God Old Days Interview

This interview was done to look back on the past and get a perspective of how different the lives of some of our relatives were.

Diane Begala and Jean Friday

Diane Begala (60) interviews her mother, Jean Friday (84), about her early childhood growing up on a farm, the adventures of being a military wife, and finally, what it was like to be whisked away from Texas by her children...

Jane Hyde Rader, Robin Rader, and Haven Miller

Robin Rader (70) and her husband, Haven Miller (68), interview Robin's mother, Jane Hyde Rader (94), about what it was like growing up on a farm in Southwest Missouri in the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s.

Darla Close and Connie Smith

Connie Smith (65) interviews her friend and neighbor Darla Close (83) about her childhood, her love of cats and reading, her marriages, and her travels.

Chris Helten and Tom Rinkoski

One Small Step Partners Chris Helton (51) and Tom Rinkoski (71) have a conversation that analyzes electric as a power source and urban vs. city life.