Jenny Modesitt´s experience with Epilepsy

Jenny Modesitt (37) is a family friend of mine who had to have brain surgery to get rid of her epilepsy. In this interview, we talk about the struggles she had to go through, the people that helped her, and...

Taliatha Hudson-Palmer and Nancy Kalina

One Small Step partners Taliatha Hudson-Palmer (43) and Nancy Kalina (58) discuss their experiences in same-sex marriages, and how their Jewish and Mormon upbringings shaped their identities.

Jessie East and Jason East

Jessie East (45) interviews her husband, Jason East (47), about his early memories growing up, leaving a full time job to help their son, finding his interests, and journey to entrepreneurship along the way.

Allison Butts and Diane Langham-Butts

Diane Langham-Butts (75) interviews her daughter, Allison Butts (40), about her experience as a woman in the Army and her military service and accomplishments.

A Bitter Pill to Swallow

Recognizing that we are in the midst of a global pandemic, I feel it incumbent upon me to make a record for posterity of the ground breaking medical work advanced by my husband, Dr. Hamlin Emory. It is my hope...

Charles Tittle and Amelia Orosco

Amelia Orosco (41) and her father Charles Tittle (78) talk about their father daughter relationship and the way Charles' epilepsy has played a role in it. Amelia remembers Charles' dedication to reading to her as a child and brings a...

Marc Hoberman and Marcus Towns

Marc Hoberman (57) is interviewed by his new acquaintance Marcus Towns (22) about his journey with epilepsy, and how his experience has given him a new meaning to the work he does now as a motivational speaker, life coach and...

Alycia Wright and Kyle Crossett

One Small Step partners Alycia Wright (47) and Kyle Crossett (45) discuss homeschooling and education, living off the land, and why they think the United States is losing its "middle ground."

Joan Heminway and Owen Thurber

One Small Step conversation partners Joan Heminway (60) and Owen Thurber (20) discuss activism, disability, feminism, and workplace discrimination.

Claudia Parvanta and Richard Harner

Claudia Parvanta (66) shares a conversation with her significant other, Richard Harner (86), about Richard’s family, his experience growing up in Iowa, how he became a doctor, his career, and his love of music.

Cora Kessler and Elizabeth de Wolff

One Small Step partners Cora Kessler (29) and Elizabeth "Lisa" de Wolff (57) talk about identity, fear, and the impact of social media on the country's political divide. They reflect on their political upbringings and on how they choose to...