Nicole Roediger and Jeffrey Behrick

One Small Step conversation partners Nicole Roediger (59) and Jeffrey Behrick (40) talk about both being from the Carolina's, where the young get their info, 2022 being the best year ever and surviving cancer.

James Bullock and Alicia Bullock-Muth

James Bullock (89) and his daughter Alicia Bullock-Muth [no age given] talk about family history and their memories of growing up in and around Missoula, Montana.

Justice Castañeda and Ben LeRoy

Long time friends, Justice Castañeda (40) and Ben LeRoy (44), talk about how they met, highlighting Justice's journey from troubled youth, to United States Marine, to being named the Executive Director of Common Wealth Development.

Gretel Enck and Mario [No Name Given]

Gretel Enck (54) interviews her colleague Mario [No Name Given] (79) about his early life, his time in the military, and his role in the Blackwell School Alliance.

David Burke and Doug Lyon

One Small Step partners Doug Lyon (58) and David Burke (52) discuss the merits of liberal and conservative approaches to different issues and share stories of how their backgrounds have shaped their beliefs.

WWII Reminiscence with my Grandpa

My 90-year-old grandpa talks about his experience in WWII on the east coast as a post-high school graduate. He mentions the G.I. Bill, the draft and volunteering, how it affected him, and his views on the atomic bomb.

Irvin Fieber WWII Veteran

Irvine Fieber (96) talks with his granddaughter Emily Fieber (17) about his experience being drafted into Army AirCorps during WWII.

Bob Alpern interviewed by John Friedrich

John Friedrich (55) interviews his friend Bob Alpern (92) about his young adulthood in the years following WWII. He discusses living in Greenwich Village in New York City in the late 1940s and early 1950s, attending New York University, and...

Rodney Farmer and Pam Bessey

Rodney Farmer (75) speaks with his stepdaughter Pam Bessey (56) about his time serving in the Vietnam War. Rodney discusses Agent Orange, his travels around Southeast Asia, and memories from his time served that have inspired his poetry.

Dana Austin and Jeffery Jones

One Small Step conversation partners Dana Austin (68) and Jeffrey Jones (65) discuss their military service, the media they've produced, raising their children, and communication.

Kelly Cameron and Ernest Washington

Dr. Kelly Cameron (52) interviews his mentor, Mr. Ernest "Ernie" Washington Jr. (73), about his service in the military during the Vietnam War and Civil Rights Movement. They also discuss Mr. Washington's role in being a founding member of Concerned...

Joetta Parks and Sarah Padgett

Conversation partners Sarah Padgett (25) interviews Joetta Parks (65) on her parent's lives, specifically their experience in WW2 and her favorite stories of them.

Henry Watson and Ben Teague

Ben Teague (45) talks with his father, Henry Theodore Watson (80), about some difficult decisions Henry has had to make, as well as balancing family and career.

Turkey Day with Uncle Jack

Reminiscing on the draft, WWII, post-war America, and the GI Bill. How a young artist journeyed out of the war and onto the bustling streets of Manhattan.

Ed Dunn – a former Marine in the late 1950’s.

A brief interview with Ed Dunn, a Marine in the late 1950’s. Within our conversation, we discussed where he was stationed, life for him as a Marine, segregation, and how the Marines shaped him as a person and how he...