Intro to Law interview with Amy Weismann

Interview with Amy Weismann talking about her law experience and work with human rights

(Full) Interview with Ms. D “Undocumented Immigrant Migrant from Mexico”

Ms. D told her story about immigrating to the US and than migrating place to place when she arrived. Ms. D speaks on her perception of human right violations, specifically workers rights and shares her personal experiences.

Interview with Bernice Spier for the Great Thanksgiving Listen, 2015

We discussed Bernice’s childhood as a Methodist minister’s daughter, her professional challenges, ancestors, places lived, problems moving around, and family.

Human Rights Project

Me and my mom talked about human trafficking, torture, and government.

Latinos Progresando

Discussion of legal and personal challenges as well as common misconceptions relating to immigration

A Talk With Kate
December 4, 2018 App Interview

I talk with my longtime friend and neighbor Catherine about her experience being witness to critical movements in the history of human rights (which she didn’t know were human rights at the time).