Leslie Shimer and Merle Lee

One Small Step partners Leslie Shimer (67) and Merle "Louise" Lee (76) discuss their observations from living in Virginia and exchange anecdotes from their past.

Nell Schneider #4, 7/12/21

Nell Schneider (6/18/1930-) talks with her grandson, Matthew Harrison, and her daughter (Matthew's mother), Sue Harrison, at her Glendale Wisconsin home. During this interview, Nell discusses World War II; the attack on Pearl Harbor; food and recipes; changes in technology...

Margaret Brabham and Miriam Brabham

Miriam Brabham (33) interviews her mother Margaret Brabham (65) about her experience being in an interracial relationship, motherhood, and what she is most proud of.

Juliet Casanova and Geoffrey Howard

Juliet Casanova (49) shares a conversation with her spouse, Geoffrey Howard (54), about Asian American identity, being in an interracial relationship, and the memories they share.

A Marriage of Opposites

We discuss the cultural differences of our childhoods and how it’s had a beautiful impact on our marriage, despite the difficulty of reaching common ground.

Barbara Barefield and A. Spencer Barefield

Barbara Barefield (67) and her husband, A. Spencer Barefield (64), talk about their 40 year relationship, jazz, the arts, their children, and being an interracial couple.

Interracial Marriage in the 1960’s

This interview is about my Polish grandmother’s relationship with my Puerto Rican grandfather in the 1960’s.

Xuanning Fu and Shantay Davies-Balch

One Small Step conversation partners Xuanning Fu (69) and Shantay Davies-Balch (42) talk about the importance of social capital in social mobility, interracial relationships, and the role of the DRIVE initiative in increasing equity in Fresno.

Maron Pettes and Michele Pettes

Michele Pettes (46) interviews her husband, Maron Andrew Pettes (43), about the beginning to their relationship. Maron is black and Michele is white. In the beginning, Michele's parents weren't too happy about their relationship.

Deborah Nelson Linck and Daniel Linck

Deborah Nelson Linck (66) has a conversation with her husband, Daniel Linck (62), about how they met, their marriage, and their family.

Interview with my 96-year-old grandmother, Laura.

My grandmother, Laura, grew up in Haiti and moved to the United States when she was 26. In this first part of our interview she discusses what it was like growing up in Haiti, why she left Haiti, and talks...

Joe Marra and Landon Reid

One Small Step conversation partners Joe Marra (57) and Landon Reid (50) talk about how important their parents were to their development, the joys of both having a 5 year old and how to make some politics a win-win situation.

John and Vivienne Ingersoll

This is a conversation with John and Vivienne Ingersoll, an interracial couple that met at Spellman College in the late 1960’s and wake up every morning happy to have spent their lives together.


She talked about her upbringing in a blended family and her interest in environmental justice.

Part 2 of the interview with my 96-year-old Haitian grandmother, Laura

In the second part of our conversation, Laura talks about her brother, Ary, the former Minister of Public Health in Haiti who as murdered in 2000. She discusses if she regrets leaving Haiti, and talks about what it’s like knowing...

Jenny Rask Interviews dad Gene Rask about his life. Growing up with his family.

Jenny Rask: 2020-11-16 02:26:00 Jenny Rask Interviews dad Gene Rask about his life. Growing up with his family. His Brother Michael Rask Part 2. His interracial relationship with his Japanese girlfriend Eku Ku, his first serious relationship during his time...

Kate Sanchez and Amol Kulkarni: A 38 Year Old Happy Interracial Marriage

Kate Sanchez (68) and Amol Kulkarni (66) talk about how their diverse childhoods and societal mores have influenced their 38 year old interracial marriages. They reflect on the challenges and benefits of being in an interracial marriage and its impact...

Ondria Leary and George Leary

Spouses Ondria Leary (74) and George Leary (77) share a conversation about their relationship, their experiences as an interracial couple, and their family now.

Melanie Thomas, Anthony Thomas, and Shira Smillie

Facilitator Shira Smillie [no age given] interviews Melanie Thomas (36) and Anthony Thomas (40) about their love story, parenthood, and navigating being in an interracial relationship.