Love and Loss: (Episode II: The Life and Times of Thomas Henry Sheffler)

This is a conversation about an enduring love, an unspeakable loss and a grandfather's legacy. My husband and I sat with his father Tom, as he remembers the love of his life, Bunny Sheffler. Today marks the second year anniversary...

Kim Hahn and Heather Kinderthain

Friends Kim Hahn (28) and Heather Kinderthain (45) discuss some of life's harder moments, including the death of Kim's mom and Heather's experience overcoming addiction.

Gretchen Miller, Beth Crone, and Don Miller

Spouses, Don Miller (64) and Gretchen Miller (59), with Don's sister Beth Crone (59) remember Judith Ann Miller. They talk about her ability to make everyone feel loved and special, and share the legacy she has left behind.

John Wooten and Jessica Wootel

Jessica Wootel (38) shares a conversation with her father-in-law, John “Wayne” Wooten (73), remembering John’s wife, Merry Edenton-Wooten.

Elliot and Greg Smith interview

We talked about my father and his childhood, specifically about his memories of his own parents and grandparents.

Michal Yadlin and Katharine Rawlins

Friends Michal Yadlin (37) and Katharine Rawlins (37) share a conversation about how they first met, their families, and some of the serendipitous things they have in common. Michal also talks about her family’s history in Israel, and Katharine talks...

David Oberhausen and Marilyn Oberhausen

Spouses, David Oberhausen (78) and Marilyn Oberhausen (77), share a conversation about their childhoods, their parents, and their life together.

Kyle Merker and Crayton Robey

Crayton Robey (50) interviews new friend Kyle Merker (60) about Kyle's experience living and working on Fire Island through the AIDS crisis. Kyle remembers friends that he lost, talks about his time caring for AIDS patients as a candy striper,...

The Great Thanksgiving Interview
November 24, 2023 App Interview

I interviewed my Pepaw who is 73 years old. In this interview I spoke with him about his past experiences with life and things he’s learned and wishes to tell future generations. I recorded this through a phone call so...

Interview with one of my best friends Sam Sommers

Sam and I discussed loss, how different memories and experiences shape us into who we are today, how he would like to be remembered, and some advice on dealing with experiences we go through every day.r

Talking to my mom about her life.

From earliest memories in the 1940’s to the civil rights movement in the 1960’s American south to thoughts about the future beyond 2018 Nancy talks about her life and points of view.

Getting to Know my Dad Better

In this conversation, I talk to my dad, Vlad Orzhekhovskiy, about his life, his job, and overall got to know a lot of things I didn’t know about him originally.

Veronica Nickel and Mary Olitzky

Veronica Nickel (44) shares a conversation with her mother’s best friend, Mary Olitzky (68), remembering Veronica’s mother, Yolanda.

Greta Reed and George Fong

Greta Reed (83) interviews her friend, George Fong (84), about his escape from Communist China to Hong Kong where he eventually landed in Brazil and then the United States. George and Greta remember George's wife, Wilma.

Emma’s interview

In this interview I spoke with my mom. Throughout speaking, she talks about her past loves and her mother who passed away 12 years ago. She talks about how important she was and all of the lessons she has learned...

Grandma’s story

My grandma talks bout her dad and how he made her happy.

Grandpa Jim

I asked my step-grandpa about his life so that I can learn from his mistakes and successes.


Me and my mom talked about my grandpa

Jehan Elshayeb and Ibrahim Rizk

I spoke with my mother about how much she means to me. She shared a few of her happiest memories and gave me some advice. She expressed how excited and fearful she was of my going to university next year.

Remembering the Moments of my Father

An Interview of what my mother (Deborah) remembers about her husband, and me getting to know more about my father (Derek Smith the first) as he has passed on from this life, due to the illness of ALS.

Katrina Thomas, Arthurine Harris, and Francine Strain-Jones

Katrina Thomas (33), Arthurine Harris (37), and Francine Strain-Jones (58) sit down to remember their beloved son, nephew, and grandson respectively. The trio shares fond memories of LaFrance and think about what lasting impact he will have on his family...