Mom & daughter talk

In this interview Missy learns about her moms life growing up in Wisconsin. They also talk about Missy’s life and the situations that have made a impact on her life.

The life of Suzi Prudent

I interviewed my mother and asked her a number of questions about her life in which she told some memorable stories.

Amber Montez interviews her Grandma

I asked my grandma questions about her past and her favorite memories. She was initially shy to the topic of an interview, but eventually warmed up to it.

Susan discusses her life, how it has developed and the hurdles she overcame to be where she is today, with her son.

Susan (45) talks to her son, Chase (16), about her childhood, growing up in Philadelphia, and where she ended up now. From how society has changed to how it’s still the same today as it was 40 years ago, she...

Alexis Harris and her mom Shannon Sims talk about their lives and childhood similarities

In this interview conducted in November 2017, Alexis Harris(15) sits down with her mom Shannon Sims(37) to talk about her childhood and her two children. Shannon shares stories about her job, her favorite memories, and growing up. At minute 7,...

Life as a child

Dawa Dolkar interviews her mother, Kelsang Dolma about her childhood and experience growing up. She asks about the people he mother was surrounded by and the conditions at that time. She also bring up a talk about social issues at...

First Born: The Story of Katelynn

I interviewed my dad today on how my life has impacted his as a whole. My dad has been through so much for me and has made me a better person; from this interview I got to learn how I've...

This is the pratice session for Kailee delattres interview

I will be intervieeing my mom because she has always been my hero and has had a interesting life.

Parveen Shah, grandma, explains her life as a child before moving to the United States and immigrating there.

In this interview conducted in November 2017 in Flemington, New Jersey Leah Shah interviews her grandma Parveen Shah about her childhood in Pakistan and immigrating to the United States. She shares stories about her education and school life as well...

Carlie’s Practice Interview
November 26, 2017 App Interview

I am going to be interviewing my Mom and/or Dad because I want to learn more about their childhood and growing up

My Grandma’s Schooling and Career

In this interview, I learn about what school- elementary through high school- was like. I also learn about her high school jobs and how she found her way to being a hair dresser.

Talking with my mom Brittani Lewis about her childhood and raising kids.

In this interview, conducted on Saturday November 25,2017 in Chicago Illinois.I Yasmin Jones interviewed my mom Brittani Lewis about her childhood, a little bit of adulthood and raising me. She tells me what she thinks of raising kids. And the...

Danny Swope and former marine Micheal Williams talk about serving in the military and the lessons he learned.

In this interview, conducted on November 24, 2017 in Annapolis, Maryland, Danny Swope (13) interviews his parents colleague and former marine Micheal Williams (49) about his childhood playing basketball, tennis and board games. Mr. Williams shares how important his dad...

mi madre

My mother, Julie Rice-Witherell and I talk about life growing up, parenting, and life lessons.

Dijonay Brown and her Mother Kerry Anson talking about growing up as a teenager and how different her generation was

In this Interview made on Nov.26 , 2017 in Orlando , Florida. Dijonay Brown (15) and Kerry Anson (39) explains her fun life growing up in Kingston , Jamaica and how you shall live your teenage years. Ms.Anson also shares...

Thanksgiving Interview

An English assignment over Thanksgiving break to “talk to someone that has lived a little.” Life lessons, religious beliefs, and influences on our lives were some of the main topics.

Noah and Joshua
November 26, 2017 App Interview

This was about a summer road trip in 1994 and all of the problems that came with it.

Aarika Hopson and her mother, Janet Hopson, discuss grief, love, and happiness.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Flushing, Michigan , Aarika Hopson (15) interviews her mother Janet Hopson (51) about her life as a preachers daughter living in Detroit, Michigan with seven sisters and a loving family. At 3:50,...

Interview With mom

We touched on a little bit of everything from growing up , to inspiration , and to me of course.

My interview with my mom
November 26, 2017 App Interview

A riveting interview with a fascinating woman.