Tammy Randall tells about her family and her life growing up

This interview was taken in Gastonia, North Carolina on November 26, 2017. Jessica Randall interviewed her mother Tammy Randall. They discussed Tammy's life growing up and her family. They also talked about her career and her happiest memories.

Emily Crowder and her mom Jessica Crowder talk about Jessica’s stories

It was great being able to see what my moms life was like and what she thought of everything. It was also great to hear what my mom thought of me. I loved hearing how my mom saw family. Overall...

Mark Smith on Present and Past Government and Civic Engagement

In this interview, conducted in January 2018 in Hickory, North Carolina, Samantha Smith(14) interviews her Grandpa Mark Smith(63) about his political stances and ideas about civic engagement. He shares not only what characteristics and issues he prioritizes when choosing a...

Story time

This interview between my grandma Sharen and I, Wyatt Dyer was taken at her house in Malibu. This interview talked mainly about funny stories that my grandma Sharen has heard or seen to tell again. Whether it's about me, my...

This is the pratice session for Kailee delattres interview

I will be intervieeing my mom because she has always been my hero and has had a interesting life.

Tiffani interviews Alex

This interview is about the childhood school life of Alex which was in Eastern Europe and how he enjoyed one day of "freedom" from the strict environment of his primary school.

The life of my mom from her childhood to her adult years.

In this interview, Nathan talked to Lisa (his mom) about her life in California and growing up. This was conducted on November 25, 2017. Lisa shares stories about her family good and bad that affected her life. She talks about...

Roark Psychology Project_Sullivan

This interview with my great great aunt DeeDee Smith. This interview is her sharing her opinions of the world around her today and the changes she has seen.

Jasiri Kemp and his grandmother, Belinda Kemp, talk about life growing up in Flint, Michigan.

This interview, recorded in November 2017 in Flint, Michigan, Jasiri Kemp (15) and his grandmother, Belinda Kemp(60), talks about childhood life, work, and family all growing up in Flint. Ms. Kemp tells stories of her son, my father, as a...

Noah and Joshua
November 26, 2017 App Interview

This was about a summer road trip in 1994 and all of the problems that came with it.

Mrs. Stelling talks to her student about her teaching experiences
November 28, 2017 App Interview

Mrs. Stelling, a music teacher at a gifted center, talks to Rishi Desai, her student, about her experiences over 45 years of teaching. She talks about what she loves most about teaching. She also mentions what her students have gone...

Thanksgiving interview with Dad

My dad talked about how he is thankful for all the people the molded him into the person he is today.

This is the practice session for Andrew Horton’s interview

I will be interviewing my dad as we are going out of town for thanksgiving and I will be unable to interview anyone else.

Interview with my grandmother, Grammy.

Today is November 23, 2017 in Andover, Minnesota. I am Lindsey Green, my grandmother is Nancy Falls I start off with asking my grandmother questions about what she is grateful for, and about her childhood. She shares so many interesting...

A Look Inside The Life Of Dorothy Elizabeth Ross

In this interview, we talk about the milestones of my grandmother's life, before and after she was diagnosed with dementia.

Talking with my mom Brittani Lewis about her childhood and raising kids.

In this interview, conducted on Saturday November 25,2017 in Chicago Illinois.I Yasmin Jones interviewed my mom Brittani Lewis about her childhood, a little bit of adulthood and raising me. She tells me what she thinks of raising kids. And the...

Interview about the life of Robert E. Malouf

This interview was conducted on November 24th 2017 in Corvallis, Oregon. In this interview, Amelia Smith (14), interviews her grandfather, Robert E. Malouf (71), about his life. Robert Malouf shares stories about his grandfather, who came to the United States...

Interview With mom

We touched on a little bit of everything from growing up , to inspiration , and to me of course.

Mom & daughter talk

In this interview Missy learns about her moms life growing up in Wisconsin. They also talk about Missy’s life and the situations that have made a impact on her life.

Sofia Sferra and Anthony Sferra talk about some of Anthony’s childhood experiences.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Toledo, Ohio, Sofia Sferra interviews her cousin Anthony. They talk about Anthony’s experiences at school. Anthony shares about how he was in the high school band. Anthony says that his school experiences...