Evolution of Women’s rights

I interviewed my grandmother Candace Wood on her experiences with women in society

Interview with a Woman in the Air Force in the 50s-60s

This is an interview with my grandmother about her tour in the Air Force in the 50s-60s

Growing up in the military

My grandmother, Joan, talks about her life growing up with military parents. Also her 3 children and the hard times during her divorce and how she is happier with her second husband.

Jacqueline Chang and Frederick Chung

Jacqueline Chang (55) speaks with her nephew Frederick Chung (26) about how their military service has shaped their lives, sharing how meaningful it has been that Jacqueline was an inspiration for Frederick to join.

Angela Meyers and Allison Cleveland

Allison Leigh Cleveland (61) tells her colleague Angela Meyers (42) about her experiences in the army during the Cold War doing military intelligence and guard duty in Germany. She also describes witnessing the fall of the Berlin Wall on her...

Shay Lopez and Isaac Lopez

Spouses, Shay Lopez [no age given] and Isaac Lopez (39), reflect on their identity as a military family and their personal experiences serving in the military.

Allison Butts and Diane Langham-Butts

Diane Langham-Butts (75) interviews her daughter, Allison Butts (40), about her experience as a woman in the Army and her military service and accomplishments.

Wagdy Zaki and His Unique Journey

In this interview conducted in November 26, 2017 in Bayonne, New Jersey, I Sarah Zaki (17) interview my brother about his childhood in Egypt, the birthplace for both of us! Wagdy shares his perspective on women in Egypt and the...

Legacy of May Brill, wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, veteran, woman.

May Brill, 1st generation American, fought for the United States in WWII, leaving a legacy of Love and remembrance. At 93 years old, she is New Jersey’s Chairman of Women in the Military, and championing the rights of all women.

Dilemmas in character,leadership,and justice

We talked about her military life and how she made her transition from civilian to solider

Bob Hope Village Woman Vet Joanne Blackwell
February 25, 2022 App Interview

Interview with Joanne Blackwell when she was in the Air Force from 1951 to 1953. Joanne was a teletype operator. She received her training at F. E. Warren, Wyoming. Then was assigned to Maxwell AFB, AL and transferred to Hickam...

Military Mom

This interview goes through the life of my mom as she decided to join the military. There were a lot of hard times, for she was only the fourth class of women to get accepted into West Point, but she...

Wendy Borges and Andrew Perkel

One Small Step partners Wendy Borges [no age given] and Andrew Perkel (61) reminisce over their military experiences, discuss various political topics, and acknowledge those who have greatly influenced them.

Julia Ehrhardt and Janis Hernandez

Julia Ehrhardt (53) and One Small Step partner Janis Hernandez [no age given] discuss women's issues, racism, and their personal political values.

Dancing in the Sky: Remembering Dolores Meurer Reed, WASP

Dolores Meurer Reed broke all the “rules” about what a woman could do and be when she joined the Women’s Air Service Pilots (WASPs) in 1943. Just one year before her death, Dolores and her sister WASPs, received the Congressional...

A CIA agent falls in love in Cold War Beirut

My grandmother described leaving rural New York for her education and short career in the U.S. Secret Service in Beirut, Lebanon, in the early days of the Cold War, while her sister took a very different path (a convent). There...

Interview over my moms work

My mom talks about what she does currently for work as well as what she did when she was younger. She also talks about stories from her work.

Anthony Woodruff and Natalie Veres

Anthony Woodruff (21) interviews his mother's close friend, Natalie Veres (55), about her childhood and her time in the Army.