Shay Lopez and Isaac Lopez

Spouses, Shay Lopez [no age given] and Isaac Lopez (39), reflect on their identity as a military family and their personal experiences serving in the military.

Interview with a Woman in the Air Force in the 50s-60s

This is an interview with my grandmother about her tour in the Air Force in the 50s-60s

Evolution of Women’s rights

I interviewed my grandmother Candace Wood on her experiences with women in society

Growing up in the military

My grandmother, Joan, talks about her life growing up with military parents. Also her 3 children and the hard times during her divorce and how she is happier with her second husband.

Jacqueline Chang and Frederick Chung

Jacqueline Chang (55) speaks with her nephew Frederick Chung (26) about how their military service has shaped their lives, sharing how meaningful it has been that Jacqueline was an inspiration for Frederick to join.

Allison Butts and Diane Langham-Butts

Diane Langham-Butts (75) interviews her daughter, Allison Butts (40), about her experience as a woman in the Army and her military service and accomplishments.

Kimberley Mondonedo and Samuel Mondonedo

Samuel Max Mondonedo (28) asks his mother, Kimberley Mondonedo (58), about her long career in the military, childhood, and meeting his father. Samuel also shares what it was like to be a child of military parents.

Angela Meyers and Allison Cleveland

Allison Leigh Cleveland (61) tells her colleague Angela Meyers (42) about her experiences in the army during the Cold War doing military intelligence and guard duty in Germany. She also describes witnessing the fall of the Berlin Wall on her...

Legacy of May Brill, wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, veteran, woman.

May Brill, 1st generation American, fought for the United States in WWII, leaving a legacy of Love and remembrance. At 93 years old, she is New Jersey’s Chairman of Women in the Military, and championing the rights of all women.

Wagdy Zaki and His Unique Journey

In this interview conducted in November 26, 2017 in Bayonne, New Jersey, I Sarah Zaki (17) interview my brother about his childhood in Egypt, the birthplace for both of us! Wagdy shares his perspective on women in Egypt and the...

Taqiyya Deen Washington and Karen Kay Reynolds: Women Veterans

Taqiyya Deen Washington and Karen Kay Reynolds are leaders in Clarksville Indivisible. They discuss their experiences as women in the military.

Conversation with Jean Wu, United States Navy Veteran

I had a conversation with Ms. Wu who served from 1994 to 2006 in the United States Navy. We discussed her initial experiences and what inspired her to join the Navy after high school. We discussed career opportunities and the...

Inside View of Military Life

In our interview we discussed an inside view of military life from a woman’s perspective. We also discussed the transitions to and from military life along with how her experiences shaped her into the woman she is today.

Mary Coker and Margaret Coker

Margaret Coker (no age given) asks her mother, Mary Coker (78), about her time serving in the Vietnam War. Both participants focus on Mary's experience being a woman in the military and how Mary's story has inspired others.

Military Interview (Mrs. Meaghan Bilello)

Mrs. Meaghan served in the coast guard for four years where she learned a lot about the person she is. I (Ben Durham) asked her a series of questions about her time in the military and her thoughts on war...