Talking To My Grandmother About Her Life
September 14, 2020 App Interview

In this interview, Conducted by Ryan Daly and Ruth Daly, at 4:15 on the twelfth of September, 2020, the latter interviews the former about her life. There are questions about her past, her family, her hobbies and more!

Evelyn Cope with Brother James Burkett and his wife Phyllis.

My Mother Evelyn Cope interviewing her Brother James Burkett during a visit to his home in 2016. James began suffering from Alzheimer's disease and passed away in 2019.

Lauren Fowler and Brynn Bailey

Lauren Fowler: 2020-05-08 00:17:54: Me and Brynn, old time friends, reconnect during this global pandemic. we ask about each others lives and important people/memories to us.

Quarantine interview with Cairo and Luke

Cairo Weaver and Luke Murphy had an interview during the quarantine about life, their favorite memories, and what they plan on doing after the pandemic.

Interview with Mom

Interview with my mom about her younger days growing up, going to school, with some stories about me

Dad Interview

Interviewing my dad about what he is most proud about, his favorite memories from his childhood

Adam Suleiman and Rae’l Brantley

Adam Suleiman (17) and his One Small Step conversation partner Rae'l Brantley (27) talk about growing up and share some of their thoughts on politics.

John’s Interview of his mom, Mina

John interviewed Mina, his mom, about her life in Vietnam and journey to the United States. They also talked about her experiences and goals.