Bill G and Sally R

Bill Goold and Sally Russell are best friends in their 60’s who are talking about aging.

Blair Speed, Maury Irvine, , , and

Museum of the Rockies Docent, Maury Irvine, shares his story about attempting to enlist in WWII 27 times and his experiences as a Merchant Marine during WWII.

Patrick Duganz (39) and Grayson Duganz (10) 2/1/24

Patrick Duganz interviews his song Grayson who was six when the pandemic began. Grayson discusses the upsides of the pandemic (home, and games) and the downsides (school, being advanced for school after the pandemic).

Janet Hulme and Erika McMillin

Erika McMillin (48) interviews her mother, Janet Hulme (75), about her childhood, her career, her marriage, the places she’s lived, and the life lessons that she has learned along the way.

James Bullock and Alicia Bullock-Muth

James Bullock (89) and his daughter Alicia Bullock-Muth [no age given] talk about family history and their memories of growing up in and around Missoula, Montana.

Alison Reintjes and Brandon Reintjes

Alison Reintjes (45) interviews her husband, Brandon Reintjes (45), about his childhood in Montana and Michigan, his family, his closest friendships, and his experience becoming a father to their children.

Dr. John Heetderts recalls his Montana childhood, Bozeman in the 1930s, and his wonderful father.

Founder of the Bozeman Clinic, Dr. John Heetderts, now 91 years old, remembers growing up in Montana in the first half of the 20th century.