Cassie Gibson and Kevin Alarcon

Cassie Gibson (28) speaks with new acquaintance and conversation partner Kevin Alarcon (25) about their music career and their move from their hometown in Binghamton, New York to Decatur, Georgia.

Leola Walker and Corinthians Walker

Corinthians Walker (43) interviews her mother, Leola Walker (78), about her grandmother Annie who ran a rooming house on Auburn Avenue next to Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta's historic King District during the Civil Rights Movement and lived to be...

Virginia Eickholt interviewing her Grandmother Joan Rayl

This is an interview between myself, Virginia, and my grandmother, Joan. We are interviewing from her hometown of Decatur, Alabama over Thanksgiving break. We discuss everything from childhood, to advice, to regrets.

Bryant O’Hara and Edward Hall

Edward Austin Hall (59) talks with his friend Bryant O'Hara (50) about his life and writing.

Maureen Haley and Chris Goode

Colleagues Maureen Haley (57) and Chris Goode (56) talk about their work with Decatur Makers, which is a maker space they helped create in Decatur, GA.

WSA founder Katie Reily, on the ROOTS of The Waldorf School of Atlanta.

Katie Reily planted the seeds that would grow and blossom into The Waldorf School of Atlanta. What started as an inspired idea and small home classroom, over three decades ago - continues to thrive as the ever-growing Waldorf community in...

David Morris, Elisa Morris, and Anna Morris

Husband and wife, David Morris (59) and Elisa Morris (58), speak with their daughter Anna Morris (26) about living in Decatur, Georgia and deciding to open a small, family-run business in the city called Guild and Journeyman.

Walt Drake, longtime Decatur community leader, interviews John Weitnauer, Jr., 97 years old, who grew up and raised his family in Decatur.

John H. Weitnauer, Jr., 97 years old; Walk Drake, 79; longtime Decatur friends. Walt interviews John about his family's arrival in Atlanta and Decatur and John's experience growing up in Decatur, attending Decatur schools, and providing leadership in the Decatur...

Bennie Cade, Lacrecia Cade, and Bendrick Cade

Bennie Cade (66) tells his children Lacrecia Cade (45) and Bendrick Cade (39) about his childhood in Atlanta and working his way up to owning three full-service car washes.

Joseph Reed and Christine Reed

Joseph E. Reed (43) and his wife, Christine Reed (33), share how they met and how they came to be married. Joseph talks about being a musician in Decatur, GA and Christine talks about the community work she has done...

Douglas Cumming and Sarah Cumming

Douglas "Doug" Cumming (71) talks with his daughter Sarah Cumming (32) about her experience with cancer. She shares how he has influenced her, and they talk about creativity as part of the healing journey.

Bunny and Papa English Podcast

Bunny and Papa tell me about building and owning Imboden Creek Living Centers

Jumping back to the 1980’s!

Libby asks her mom about her childhood and some experiences throughout that time! She gets to learn more about her mother and what it was like during her young age!

A Different Generations Perspective

This interview is based on my grandma and grandpa Schamerloh’s perspective of their time and their experiences.

Cathie Hancock and Brenda Ford

Cathie Marie Hancock (63) tells her conversation partner Brenda Ford (52) about her experience of motherhood and her family.