George Bradley and Tina Marshall-Bradley

George Bradley (57) speaks with his wife Tina Marshall-Bradley (54) about being the president of Paine College in Augusta, Georgia and the future of higher education.

Valdon Daniel and Yvette Lane-Walcott

Yvette Lane-Walcott (52) asks her daughter's tutor, Valdon R. Daniel (71), about his career as a math teacher and tutor, advocating for community resources for students and poor people, building and improving housing projects in Athens, and his other work...

Bryant O’Hara and Edward Hall

Edward Austin Hall (59) talks with his friend Bryant O'Hara (50) about his life and writing.

Allie Goolrick and Chester Goolrick

Allie Goolrick (38) interviews her father, Chester Goolrick (74), about his life, focusing on his time serving as a Communications Specialist for the Army during the Vietnam War and his career as a journalist.

WSA founder Katie Reily, on the ROOTS of The Waldorf School of Atlanta.

Katie Reily planted the seeds that would grow and blossom into The Waldorf School of Atlanta. What started as an inspired idea and small home classroom, over three decades ago - continues to thrive as the ever-growing Waldorf community in...

Sheikh Rahman and Rawda Rahman

Rawda Rahman (22) speaks to her father Sheikh Rahman (59) about his life, how he came to the U.S. as a student, and later became the first Muslim State Senator in Georgia.

Christian Limon-Nuñez and Gabi Madrid

Gabi Madrid (23) interviews her friend Christian Limon-Nuñez (32) about his art, his life, and his experience living in The Goat Farm Arts Center.

Evangeline Anderson, Robin Deveaux , and Lillie Thomas

Acquaintances Lillie Ann Thomas (49), Evangeline Anderson (47), and Robin Deveaux (55) talk about being apart of the sickle cell community in Atlanta, and their most notable experiences raising (and losing) children with sickle cell.

Marsha Nash and Barry Nash

Marsha Nash (62) and her husband, Barry Nash (63) talk about their grandparents.

Jim Martin and Kevin Price

Jim Martin (98) talks with his friend and neighbor, Kevin Price (57) about his service during the Second World War. They cover his initial reticence to enlist and how he changed his mind. They also talk through some of the...

Sarah Burke and John Burke

Husband and Wife, John Burke (40) and Sarah Burke (37), talk about Sarah's role as Step-Mom to John's Sons, Noah and Eli, and how they make their blended family work.

Demethris Hester and Sabrina Grossman

Sabrina Grossman (34) interviews her friend, Demethris Hester (49), about his most notable memories as a client of Back on My Feet, an Atlanta-based nonprofit that uses running to help those experiencing homelessness to become self-sufficient.

Alisa Perdue and Susan Ross

Susan Ross (61) interviews her friend, Alisa Perdue (47), about her favorite memories as a group member of Sistagraphy, an African American female photography social group.

Bonnie Ruszcyk and Elizabeth Pass

Friends, Elizabeth "Betsy" Corn Pass (40) and Bonnie Ruszczyk (46), talk about their friendship and respective notable moments in their lives.

C Moody and Garfield Peart

Garfield Peart (42) interviews his colleague, C. David Moody, Jr. (57), about his most notable experiences as an African American architect and contractor in Atlanta, GA.

Francisco Moreno, WSA Founding Parent, on the ROOTS of The Waldorf School of Atlanta (for Waldorf 100). Recorded and edited on 12/11/18

A Waldorf School of Atlanta teacher (games/movement and woodworking) and WSA FOUNDING PARENT- Francisco Moreno – shares a bit of history, as well as some of the challenges, rewards and insights he has gained as a founding member of the...