Chris Sutton and Bob Stewart

One Small Step conversation partners Chris Sutton (34) and Bob Stewart (74) talk about their concerns about hyper-partisanship, history, and gun control.

I. Motta and Raya Jabboure

[Recorded: Tuesday, March 19th, 2024] UVA students I. Motta (22) from Fredericksburg, VA and Raya Jabboure (21) from McLean, VA recorded a One Small Step conversation as part of their course (Lead from Anywhere). We discussed how our parents and...

Susana Pinal and Jenny St. Onge

One Small Step partners Susana "Suzzy" Pinal (47) and Jenny St. Onge (51) talk about their views on abortion, their experiences moving to the United States from other countries, and US policy toward immigrants.

The Caspian Sea to Santa Monica

In this touching interview, directed in December of 2019 in Santa Monica, California, Sophie Salem (15) interviews her father, Morris Salem about his one of a kind childhood. Growing up in Tehran, Iran, Morris had to deal with the struggles...

Dave Finders and Lisa Sanden

Dave (76) is interviewed by Lisa (36) about being involved in reenactments at the Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site and role with the reenactment organization called the Fort Union Muzzle Loader Association.

The Vietnam war from my grandfathers view

My interview was over FaceTime I asked my grandpa about his experience in the Vietnam war he talked about how it affected his life going into it and after it he said that it didn’t have much of a big...

instilling discipline

The last place Louis Bourassa and his family imagined he would go was the military. Grace Bourassa, age 14, sits down with her dad, Louis Bourassa, on November 14, 2018, in Valley Village, California. She asks about the Marines and...

Empathy Interview

Lexi and I talked about her life and how she felt about limiting gun sales.

Gun control

We talked about how limiting Guns will effect shootings

Lisa Martin and Robert Kelly

One Small Step conversation partners Lisa Martin (59) and Robert "Bob" Kelly (57) have a conversation on their experiences with politics, the impact this has had in their lives, and the passing of their loved ones.

Willie Hensley and Angela Marith

Willie, a native Alaskan Iñupiaq, speaks with Angela about how the influx of Russians, Europeans and Americans into Alaska has had on their culture, health and livelihood. Outsiders unintentionally brought diseases decimating much of the native Alaskan populations. Unable to...

Evita Smith Chicago mother talks about growing up and life in Chicago today.

I asked my mother about the strong women in her life growing up and how they influenced her. We also talked about her outlook on life in Chicago today and gun control.

Bob Redden and Jennifer Witkowski

Jennifer Witkowski [no age given] and Bob Redden [no age given] discuss Bob's past political views and why he changed those views. They also discuss political divisiveness and the ecological damage being done to the planet.

David Gallagher and RJ Young

One Small Step conversation partners David Gallagher [No Age Given] and RJ Young (34) met for the first time virtually. In their conversation, they talk about their different experiences with guns and what the "truth" in media means. They also...

Summer Murray and Tyler Howell

One Small Step conversation partners Summer Murray (45) and Tyler Howell (69) talk about their religious and social viewpoints; life experiences and hopes for the future.