An Interview With My Father

It is Novermber 26, 2018. This interview was conducted in the only quiet place in the house, my bedroom. I, Olivia Jardin, age 17, am the interviewer, and my father, Mark Jardin, age 54, is the interviewee. Some of the...

Bruce Ribner and Barbara Ribner

Dr. Bruce Ribner (70) talks to his wife, Barbara Ribner (65), about his education, the beginning of his career as a medical professional, and most importantly, when his department at Emory became the first in the Western Hemisphere to treat...

Karen Panzarella and Julie Garel

One Small Step conversation partners Karen Panzarella (57) and Julie Garel (62) talk about their upbringing, the political issues they care about, and their views on today's young people.

Aurora Lee and Nathan Davis

One Small Step partners Aurora Lee (29) and Nathan Davis (33) discuss their favorite childhood memories, whether they consider themselves "patriotic," and what makes them uncomfortable about their own political "side."

Sarim Marith & Angela Marith

Sarim and her family are Cambodia refugees who came to the US in 1975. She talks with her daughter-in-law, Angela about the barriers she faces with her doctors because her English is not great. How not fully understanding the language...

How life transpires

An interview about life and medical practices

Michael Johnson and Metta Johnson

Mom and son, Metta Johnson (74) and Michael Johnson (41), discuss Metta's life growing up in Georgia, her relationship with her husband Clyde Johnson, and her career as a nurse.

Gene Dole and Sara Jordan

Gene Dole [no age given] speaks with his friend Sara Jordan [no age given] about his work as a paleoanthropologist, joining an expedition to Ethiopia, and how the experience taught him lessons he continued to use throughout his management career...

Becoming a Medical Assistant

I interview my cousin, Lorena Estrada, who is a 29 year old medical assistant and I disused on her journey on how she got into her career.

Sammye Walton and Chris Gates

Sammye Walton (45) interviews her friend, Chris Gates (35), about his creation of and continued passion for MainSprings, a nonprofit organization focused on breaking the cycle of poverty and creating a sustainable future for communities in East Africa.

Nancy Barlowe and Cameron Madden

[Recorded: Thursday, February 29, 2024] UVA students Nancy (20) from the Fairfax, Virginia area and Cameron (20) from the Richmond, Virginia area recorded a One Small Step conversation as a part of their course "Democracy and Public Service." They talked...

I. Motta and Raya Jabboure

[Recorded: Tuesday, March 19th, 2024] UVA students I. Motta (22) from Fredericksburg, VA and Raya Jabboure (21) from McLean, VA recorded a One Small Step conversation as part of their course (Lead from Anywhere). We discussed how our parents and...

Brian Hillmer and Kevin Conner

Coworkers Brian Hillmer (40) and Kevin Conner (45) discuss their experiences working at Community Servings during the COVID-19 pandemic. They describe some of the positives, changes, and challenges they and their teams have encountered.

Michelle Jadis and Kevin Ross

One Small Step conversation partners Michelle Jadis (69) and Kevin Ross (59) talk about family, New York City, and how each define being either conservative or liberal.

James Ruelas and Garrett Battaglia

One Small Step partners James Ruelas (39) and Garrett Battaglia (30) talk about fatherhood, the education system, their thoughts on immigration, healthcare in the United States and abortion rights.

Mabel Wadsworth Center Staff Member Speaks Out On Abortion Restrictions

Mabel Wadsworth is a popular women's healthcare center in Bangor, Maine. At their facility, they offer access to birth control, prenatal checkups, and any health care for all genders, along with abortions. With the recently tightened restrictions on abortion, with...

Lezah Stenger and Stephanie Stenger

Mother and daughter, Lezah Stenger (74) and Stephanie Stenger (53), have a conversation about their contributions, memories, and experiences in the Junior League of Springfield.

Angela Filipiak and Sydney Connor

Coworkers Angela “Angie” Filipiak (43) and Sydney Connor (31) talk about how they take care of their mental health in their work as nurses.