Rayna Oliver and Victoria Johnson

Rayna (25) and Victoria (27) talk about Rayna's path to Providence, and what brought her to her internship on the Health Equity team. They discuss the importance of Health Equity, and their hopes for the future of healthcare and the...

Zandra Campbell and Darnyle Wharton

Zandra Campbell (38) interviews Darnyle K. Wharton (50) about his work with Baltimore Ceasefire, and the creative and loving work happening in Baltimore as a reflection of residents' desire and dedication to heal the city and community from violence and...

Gina Miranda-Diaz and Alexander Diaz

Gina Miranda-Diaz (59) speaks with her son Alexander Joel Diaz (28) about growing up visiting family in Puerto Rico, her career as a nurse, and her passion for public health. Gina also tells a story about collecting supplies after Hurricane...

Stephen Margolis

Andrew Margolis sits down with his father, Stephen Margolis, to have a long discussion about his life and long career in public health.

“You are the best mom your baby could ever have.”

During her senior year of high school, Cynthia Chavez got pregnant and faced doubt from others in being a teen mom. She says it was the haters who helped her. With determination and grit, Cynthia proved them wrong! Cynthia accomplished...

"Here's the declaration of Alma Ata. Go out and do public health!" Malcolm Bryant and Jennifer Beard Talk About Global Health, Part 1

Malcolm Bryant talks with his colleague, Jennifer Beard, about working as a physician in Zimbabwe and how he made his way into a career in global public health implementing primary care programs in collaboration with health professionals around the world.

Fran Close and C. Perry Brown

Dr. Fran Close (54) interviews her good friend and colleague Dr. C. Perry Brown (74) about his journey toward becoming an epidemiologist, his work as a researcher and college professor, and the relationships that both keep him grounded and make...

Claire Kyoung and Minna Apostolova

Friends Claire Kyoung (21) and Minna Apostolova (21) reflect on navigating college during the COVID-19 pandemic and how their friendship has helped them both grow through challenging times.

Caroline Palmer and Beatriz Menanteau

Friends and colleagues Beatriz Menanteau [no age given] and Caroline Palmer (53) talk about their shared work at Safe Harbor in Minnesota and how they got involved with anti-trafficking work within the public health sector. Together, they discuss the implementation...

Jeff Duchin and Meagan Kay

Jeff Duchin (63) and his colleague Meagan Kay (41) talk about their careers in public health and personal health challenges.

Hannah Karczewski and Zachary Hayes

Friends Hannah Karczewski (23) and Zachary Hayes (23) talk about their common experience of attending University of Michigan-Flint during the Flint water crisis, growing passionate about the community, and pursuing ways to give back through work and volunteering.

Rachelle Knowles and Onika Anglin

Cousins Rachelle Knowles (34) and Onika Anglin (31) share some of their beliefs to include the importance of family.

Joe Davis and Barbara Davis

Siblings, Barbara Davis (61) and Joe Davis (54), reminisce about their childhood in Miami, FL, tell stories about their family traditions, and reflect on how their parents helped shape who they are today.

Stephen Margolis: Part 1 of 2

Andrew Margolis interviews his dad, Stephen Margolis, about his life and career in public health.

Speaking to the Director of Public Health

Enjoy this interview with a former Director of Public Health of Michigan.