November 19, 2020 App Interview

Jordan (interviewer) (F) (14) Radah (F) (12-13)

isabella perez Layne2020

isabella perez: 2020-12-01 00:06:05 Layne2020

Mosquito and cockroach pests in Toronto

The plagues of tiger mosquitoes and cockroaches unleash the fear of citizens and residents of the city of Toronto. Produced by the high temperatures in the country, mainly in the Toronto territory. Many of the Toronto neighbors are asking the...

Michael Sheahan and Tim Sheahan

Michael Sheahan: 2020-11-29 18:30:00 Michael (52) and Tim (44) are brothers who talked about Tim and his path to becoming a coronavirus research scientist.

the day is not far that the water will sold at the price of gold
November 18, 2020 App Interview

fresh water is being wasted daily and we have to take some measures to stop the wastage of this valuable resource products like water pump controllers are going to make a big change other wise the day is not far...

Who are my grandparents?

Sydney Joles (15) asked her mother, Cynthia Wray (52) what it was like to be adopted.

Simeon's Story Corps

Simeon Lee talks with his mother, Dorthene Harrison about what she experienced and learned in life.

Frank Pardenilla

Frank Pardenilla (17) talks with his mother, Antonieta Pardenilla (36) about her life when she was a teen and what was her life like when she was working. Also Frank asked questions about what jobs Antonieta had before she had...

Phillip Kayse and Justin Kayse

Justin Kayse (35) speaks to his father Phillip L Kayse (70). Phillip reflects on his childhood and his time serving for the military. He also describes how he met his wife and his experience as a parent.

Kelsey Villarreal and John Villarreal

John Villarreal (66) talks with his daughter, Kelsey Villarreal (29) about growing up in Corpus Christi, TX and about his perception - or lack there of - of his own ethnic identity as a young person.

Venita Barnette and Erin Berglind

Colleagues Venita Barnette, 53, and Erin Berglind, 31, talk about their love of teaching and the experiences they've had as teachers.

Vivian & Maria immigration discussion
October 19, 2018 App Interview

I ask Maria many questions about her home country and the struggles she had coming to The United States.

Salvatore Consalvi and David Tepper

Salvatore Consalvi (52) is interviewed by a collaborator of his David Tepper (52) on the documentary project Salvatore is working on about a Lakota Medicine Man.

Mom Interview (11/26/2020)

Barbara Sarris (56) talks with her daughter, Catherine Sarris (16) about her life as a mother and doctor.

"We have survived this before" – Maya Faulhaber and Willie Charmichael.

Maya Faulhaber asks her grandfather Willie Charmichael about how social distancing and the coronavirus have settled with him, and asks him about his career as a consultant and some advice he might give to people who are struggling right now.

Risa Harms and Daniel Chuang

Risa Harms (Early Forties) talks to Daniel Chuang (16) about her cousin, a healthy marathon runner who passed away to coronavirus.

Getting to know Fabiana

Interview was intended to get a better understanding and get to know my friend Fabiana a little bit more

Nancy Abdul Rahman and Ahmed "Flex" Omar

Nancy Abdul Rahman (37) talks to her friend Ahmed "Flex" Omar (38) about growing up in Cairo and Dubai, her education, her creative and scientific interests, and her career trajectory. She talks about what led her to start her own...

Carl Berger and Sharon Berger

Carl Berger (77) and his wife Sharon Berger (76) talk about when Carl suffered from a dissected artery, fell into a coma, and was hospitalized for almost a year.