Hannah Peplinski reflects on Psychology of Environmental Stewardship

This interview discusses the salient concepts of the course environmental stewardship, as well as their potential for application. This application is framed in both the lense of the interviewee as well as community development specifically related to policy and food...

Gabrielle Allen and Donovan Hunt "It's up to us to shape ourselves based on the environment, events happen."

Gabrielle Allen: 2022-02-12 19:48:13 (17 years old) Donovan Hunt (Pop pop) 71 years old talking about how MLK's Death impacted him. Grandfather and Granddaughter.

The Foreign Trip

This is about a person that crossed over to the USA as a young person and this is their experience. The Voices are altered to keep the identity safe.

Michael and Kyla discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Kyla walks through a thought experiment with her dad, Michael, where they imagine it is the year 2030. Together, they reflect on how a neighborhood in Northern Michigan achieved carbon neutrality and responded to the climate crisis over the last...

Stephanie Corn and Elizabeth Corn discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Stephanie and her sister, Elizabeth, discuss how her neighborhood has successfully made changes that respond to the climate crisis. Elizabeth discusses the changes in behavior and how she led her community.

The ENA University Pathways are really going to be tailored to what the nurses needs at that time in their career and their knowledge.

ENA University Provost Patti Kunz Howard interviews ENA Accreditation Director and Lead Nurse Planner Kim Cheramie, about the dynamic debut of ENA University and it's impact an emergency nurses and nurse educators for years to come.

How Do We Measure Happiness?

Esther Doma discusses in depth ways on which we can measure happiness.

Identity crisis

sharleen Mtesa talks with her aunt, Jackie rubuga about her childhood after her dad passed.

Robert Resnick and Audrey Resnick

Bob Resnick (87) talked with his daughter-in-law Audrey Resnick (61) about his childhood memories in Los Angeles, his courtship and marriage to Renee, and his experiences in the Navy Reserve, stationed in Hawaii (while Hawaii was still a territory).

Untitled Interview

In February 2016, Twitter officially announced the launch of two new business options. On the official wiki twitter, you can find out about the possibility of conducting a customer survey thanks to the Customer Feedback service, which will allow companies...

Favziya and professor Dr. Graeme Wylllie

Graeme Wyllie (40) talks to his student, Favziya Rasulova (19) about originally being from Scotland and why decided to move to the United States.

Alexandria Catarius and Tracy Catarius

Alexandria Catarius (18 years old) talks with her mother, Tracy Catarius (51 years old). We talk about stories from the past, what has made Tracy herself and most importantly what she wants her future to look like.

Robert Danziger and Richard Junge discuss Homak Mfg Co Inc and experiences

Robert Danziger (66 years old) 2022-01-20 16:19:56 Richard H. Junge (84 ears old) friends talk about Homak, move to America, factory work, days as Vice President of Manufacturing, family

Emilia Askari and Augusta Askari

Emilia Askari: 2022-01-18 22:54:53 talking with her 93-year-old mother about growing up in Cincinnati

Great Depression Interview

I believe I recorded this between 1988 and 1990 with my Great Aunt Helen Forer (78 or 79) who was born in 1911 in Tioga County, Pennsylvania. I did this as part of a 5th or 6th grade school project.

Stress Busters: Making The Most of Your Job Search

Life brings us a lot of stress every day. Do not let work loss to raise stress. Regardless of whether you are without work or are in search of the best career, there are ways to reduce the amount of...

New England National Scenic Trail Memoir – Frank Bequaert, teller of tales and tender of trails, shares stories from the NH M+M sections.

Over fifty years ago Walter Banfield scouted out and, with the aid of a myriad of volunteers, constructed the Metacomet Monadnock Trail from the Connecticut border to the top of Mt. Monadnock. For the past thirty-five-plus years, Frank Bequaert has...

Jayalakshmi Ranganathan and Twara Sandeep(with Uma Ranganathan and Tulasi Ranganathan as intermediaries)

Twara Sandeep(16) talks with her grandmother Jayalakshmi Ranganathan(73) and asks her questions about her life, with her mom Uma Ranganathan(38) and aunt Tulasi Ranganathan(30) as intermediaries and to join in the conversation as they see fit.

Lila Watch's Test Interview for the Great Thanksgiving Listen 2021

Lila Watch: 2021-11-16, a student at Eastern Michigan University, in Ypsilanti, MI, records a practice audio file for the 2021 Great Thanksgiving Listen for her Psychology of Adolescence class.

My interview with my brother.

I talk with my brother about his favorite childhood possession.