Sinta Penyami Storms and Robert Hite

Sinta Penyami Storms (42) talks with her son Robert Hite (18) about her immigration from Indonesia, the community work she does with the Philadelphia Folklore Project, her community dance group and the preservation of her culture, the Indonesian community in...

Augustin Ntabaganyimana and Jason Crislip

Jason Crislip (42) interviews his friend, Augustin Ntabaganyiama (39), about his life in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, being a refugee in the United States, his road to becoming a State Refugee Coordinator, and the people who helped...

Gladys Chen and John Shanley

Gladys Chen interviews her friend John Patrick Shanley about growing up in an Irish-American family in the Bronx, serving in the Marine Corps in Vietnam, his career as a playwright and screenwriter, and adopting his two sons.

Sandra Millers Younger and Coleen L. Geraghty

Coleen, 52, interviews her friend and colleague, Sandra, 52, about the experience she and her husband had escaping from the Cedar Fire of 2003, which destroyed their home and nearly all their possessions.

Elisabeth Traumann and Don Davis

Ms. Traumann (55) reminisced about her father, Michael, a German who immigrated to Brazil where he farmed. Mr. Davis (58) talks about the history of violence in his extended family.

Albert W. Wolfgang and Jamie Gunoskey

Albert Wolfgang remembering being drafted and stationed in England and being wounded in WWII.

Christine Mitchell and Stanley Mitchell

Christine Mitchell (62) speaks to her husband, Stanley Mitchell (73) about how the two of them met and fell in love later in life, and they speak about living together in a log cabin in the middle of the woods.

Melvin Thomas and Rebecca Belleville

Melvin Thomas (23) talks to his former high school art teacher, Rebecca Belleville (32), about his drive in middle school to go to a top performing high school, his interest in sculpture, being an African American male in the art...

Jermaine Anderson and Lisa Nitsch

Jermaine Anderson (42) talks to friend and colleague Lisa Nitsch (39) about his upbringing in inner-city Baltimore and beloved family, his history of abusive partnership and overcoming abusive behavior through the Gateway Project, and why he is excited for his...

Gregory Hartzler-Miller and Cindy Hartzler-Miller

Gregory Hartzler-Miller (55) talks to his wife Cindy Hartzler-Miller (54) about gaining a heightened spiritual awareness and how it has changed his life and their marriage.

Jonathan Morancy and Kerry Morancy

Jonathan Morancy (47) speaks to his wife, Kerry Morancy (44), about the process of adopting their two children and their opposite, yet complimentary, parenting styles. They speak about the experience being white parents raising African American children.