Julianna asks her grandmother about life in Argentina

Julianna Mitch (13) interviews her grandmother, Frances Maisano (76) about her life in Argentina versus the United States. She talks about her experiences in school, as well as the journey from Italy to Argentina. Frances also talks about her first...

Zelinn Fiore and her grandma, Irene Beatriz Mejia, talk about Irene’s childhood.

In this interview, conducted November 2018 in Mckinney Texas, Zelinn Fiore (14) interviews her grandma Irene Beatriz Majia about her childhood and growing up in the U.S. Irene talks about her family and her childhood. She also talks about school...

Gonzalo Martinez de Vedia and Kathleen Sexsmith

Gonzalo Martinez de Vedia (33) talks with his friend and colleague Kathleen Sexsmith (36) about his work advocating for farmers' rights and immigrant rights as it relates to human trafficking work. He talks about how he came to the work,...

Persia Gratitude Kim

We talked about what it was like moving to America and being different in a society.

The great thanksgiving listen – Iara rattner
November 28, 2017 App Interview

Mica Carmio was bien in November 14 1975. She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She later moved here and had me and my two brothers.


Me and my dad discuss the important national events from his time in Argentina and the differences between there and the United States.

Growing up in Argentina during the transition to democracy.

Silvina Sironi (47) describes growing up in Argentina during the 70's and 80's, as well as her experience with government and democracy both in Argentina and the United States. She is interviewed by her son, Johann Grothues (15).

The Story of Hilmar de Moraes Part 4

Hear the story of Hilmar de Moraes, from childhood stories to achieving his job. Listen to his viewpoints and his wisdom. Pay close attention to his knowledge on the society and how to self-educate. Escute a história de Hilmar de...

The Life of Herman van Beek

The life and family of Herman van Beek, my grandfather. He was born in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and grew up during the second Word War under German control. He moved frequently, going to Argentina and Mexico, where he learned English...

The Life of Tobias Acosta

He is an Argentinean and talks about how he lived in Argentina . He mentions how he wanted to be an actor since he was told he had a special talent for that. But lastly talks about his religion ;...

El Entrevista Reál

“I was really excited to move to another country and experience new things like skateboarding.” 4:31-5:59 On January 9, 2020, in Los Angeles California, Lela Haro talked to her dad, Jorge Haro, about what it was like to immigrate from...

Jorge Quiroga and Martha Ramos

Jorge Quiroga (65) and his friend, Martha Ramos (65) talk about coming to the United States as political refugees in 1979 from Argentina and the torture they endured.

An Interview With My Argentine Grandmother

Estela Fernandez, born on December 6th of 1940, is the daughter of European refugees who came to Buenos Aires, Argentina during World War 1. She talks about her fondest memories, such as hanging out with her families on the weekends,...

Kevin Truong and Mariano Ruiz

Kevin Truong (37) speaks with his friend Mariano Ruiz (33) about their shared identity as gay men, their respective coming out stories, and their work in art and activism.

An artist inspiration

An Argentinian musician and cartoonist living in USA for 3 years. Pursuing a Music-performance degree at USM, Flor has explored her drawing skills and developed an incredible talent during her studies. She wanted to share her experiences with her father...

Gabriela Pataro, Francisco Pataro, and Michael Daniel

Gabriela Pataro (59) talks with her husband, Francisco Pataro (69), and close friend, Michael "Mike" Daniel (73) about some of their formative experiences in life. They recall their first meetings, Francisco's life in Argentina and his experience moving to the...

Oli interviews Bube on Thanksgiving

Me and Silvia talk about the land before now. Listen to childhood.

Alexia Almaraz habla con su madre Alicia Acosta sobre cómo fue su infancia.

Fue una conversación súper linda donde mi madre me cuenta como fue su infancia y algunas cosas de la vida, también con un final con un mensaje para mi que fue muy lindona emotivo.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Sima and his grandma, Irene, talk about Irene’s life the morning after a long day of hosting a 50 person Thanksgiving Day party