Joshua Nicholas and Aruny Phanekham

Friends and coworkers Joshua Nicholas (36) and Aruny Phanekham (34) talk about how they met, how they've impacted each other, and how Aruny helped change Joshua's mind about the Stapleton neighborhood name change issue.

Fei Perry and Nickel Rivera

Friends Fei "Rachel" Perry (22) and Nickel Rivera (22) talk about their friendship, their work organizing in their communities, participating in mutual aid during the pandemic, and their aspirations for the future.

Michael Espinoza and Carmen Zamora

Michael Espinoza (40) and his coworker Carmen Zamora (41) talk about the work they do at Go Public Schools, Fresno. They also talk about their work dynamic, and their visions for the organization and the Fresno school system.

Dan Swinney and Erika Swinney

Erika Swinney (39) and her father and boss Dan Swinney (71) discuss Dan's history as a community organizer and labor force activist, and how that led to his current work in manufacturing education. He started a manufacturing training school that...

Lisa Cuestas and Nadia Morehouse

Colegas y amigas Lisa Cuestas (39) y Nadia Morehouse (43) hablan sobre el impacto que ha tenido The New Children's Museum en San Diego en sus vidas y en las de sus hijos. También hablan específicamente acerca del trabajo que...

Roniece Gilkey and Janessa Jordan

Roniece Gilkey (49) speaks with the teacher of three of her sons, Janessa Jordan (32), about changes in education during the COVID-19 Pandemic, and the extra burdens that students, teachers, and parents have all had to take on.

Air Gallegos and Omar Carrera

Air Gallegos (33) and colleague from The Canal Alliance, Omar Carrera (47) center their conversation around the impact of Covid-19 on their Latinx community in The Canal in Marin County, CA. The colleagues speak to the systematic inequities that are...

Grishma Shah, Reveca Torres, and Matt Lauterbach

Reveca Torres (34) talks with her co-directors, Matt Lauterbach (36) and Grishma Shah (33) about founding a film festival for people with disabilities. They talk about their inspirations and Matt finds out that Grishma has a prosthetic limb.