Anna Stelmakh and Olha Stelmakh

Olha Stelmakh (52) interviews her daughter Anna Stelmakh (17) about who has inspired her to pursue art and music. They also talk about how they are looking forward to celebrating when they can gather with family again.

Yukari Seki and Harper Alexander

A Japanese woman and her American boyfriend discuss their relationship and how their cultural and language differences affects them. Mostly in Japanese.

Susanna Houland and Maya Scott-Chung

Maya Elena Scott-Chung (45) and Susie Hoblet (47), parents at Kaiser Elementary School, discuss the myth of the Ozzie and Harriet “traditional family” and Suzy’s experience growing up in Italy, France and traveling worldwide; the struggles of the sandwich generation,...

Inez Blackmon and Vera James

Vera James (76) talks with her friend Inez Blackmon (69) about Inez’s childhood and about her family. Inez also talks about the person who had the biggest influence on her life, some of her happiest memories, the most important lessons...

farm of discrimination

jacob went to a family reunion at a farm. then he and his mom went to a store to get some food and the owner said they were not welcome because bikers went to there family reunion and the town...