Melanie Ferrier and Robert Ferrier

Robert Ferrier (44) interviews his spouse, Melanie Ferrier (42), about her life. They talk about her identity as a Navajo woman and her experience on living on and off a reservation in New Mexico. Melanie describes a difficult childhood in...

Carla Saavedra and Alice Hill

Carla Saavedra (56) talks with her mother, Alice Hill (85), who was born in Tampa in 1936 at an immigrant Spanish hospital. They talk of family members working in the cigar factory, migrating from Spain and her great aunt being...

A Path to Law

A conversation with a first generation lawyer and what lead them to their legal services career and advice to prospective lawyers. Also delves into women and some of their experiences in the legal field.

Great Thanksgiving Listen with my dad

We talked about the different careers people in my family have held and my dads career. We also talked about family life.

Zena Ozeir and Jumana Salamey

Zena Ozeir (29) talks with her aunt Jumana Salamey (38) about her college experience, graduating law school, and moving back to her hometown of Dearborn after school. She shares memories of her political activism and talks about her current work...

Kari Goetz and Crawford Long

Spouses, Kari Goetz (46) and Crawford Long (47), share a conversation about how they first met as teenagers, about being pen-pals, and about meeting again twenty years later and eventually getting married.

Lourdes de los Angeles Naranjo and Carmella de los Angeles Guiol

Lourdes de los Angeles Naranjo (57) talks with daughter Carmella de los Angeles Guiol (23) about her family’s path from Cuba to the U.S., and her mother’s sacrifices so she could have a better life.

Remembering Mom

A year after his wife’s passing a father tells his daughter about the tremendous influence his wife had on him during during their 58 years of marriage.

David Warren and Dashiell Warren

David Warren (84) talks with his grandson, Dashiell Warren (22), about his time in the Navy. He remembers days out at sea writing poetry, traveling to Hong Kong, and coming home to marry his wife, Marsha.

Neil Rambana and Elizabeth Ricci

Spouses, Neil Rambana (52) and Elizabeth Ricci (46), reflect on the role “the American Dream” has played in their lives, discuss the work they do as immigration attorneys, and look forward to their daughters’ future.

Maria Mencos and Ariadna Perez Mendez

Friends Maria Mencos (28) and Ariadna Perez Mendez (21) talk about their respective experiences emigrating from Guatemala and Cuba respectively as younger people and their first experiences of education in the United States. The friends also talk about their education...

Steven Davis and Jeffrey Davis

Father and son Jeffrey Davis (66) and Steven "Steve" Davis (38) discuss their military experiences, life as a military family, and Jeffrey's expansive law career.

Trinity Brown Can Do It All

Trinity Brown shares her story and her involvement in the University of the Cumberlands Diversity Leadership Council and the women’s lacrosse team.

Holland’s interview

My mom and I talked about our favorite memories . She told me things I did not know before .