Ashley Choker and Ngoc Sharp

Ashley Choker (38) interviews her friend and colleague, Ngoc “Kat” Sharp (46), about her challenges in life and her journey to recovery. Kat shares her experience dealing with addiction and homelessness, as well as her experience getting back on her...

Emily Nelson & Scott Acord

Emily discusses growing up with a substance-abusing mother, and how this led to her won struggles with abandonment issues. She also talks about running away, dealing with depression and methamphetamine addiction as a teenager and ultimately her recovery from addiction.

Paula Newman Skomski & Terri Inglis

Paula founded the Peoria Home for women who have been abused and victims of sex trafficking. Terri, is Peoria Home Director. They talk about the necessary work they do to help women get clean, sober, and out of "the life."...

Greg Soumokil & Shane Bassett

Eight months ago Greg needed a heart transplant immediately or he was going to die. They didn't have one available for him and had to give him an artificial heart. One month ago, he got a permanent heart. His road...

Harold "Bear" Cubbedge & Andrey MacCracken

After years of struggling with drug, alcohol and criminal addictions, and numerus stints in prison, Bear was able to turn his life around. Understanding his criminal activities also gave him a high, he knew others must feel the same and...

Kathleen Parizek and Connie Greenawald

Kathleen "Kate" Parizek (71) and Connie Greenawald (67) talk about Kate's life before her sickness, the perspective she gained in her recovery, and the pair's friendship through it all.

Self-harm scars and cover up tattoos (among other things) pt. 2

I sat down with the lovely Aften, who is a tattoo artist and business owner of White Lodge Tattoo and Gallery to talk about self-harm scars and the cover up tattoos.

April’s Story

April: Hello? Caroline: Hi April! April: Hey, how are you? Caroline: Good, how are you? April: I’m good, thank you. Caroline: Can you remember how or why you started misusing drugs and or alcohol? April: Um ok well, I was...

"Recovery is possible, when you never, ever expected it." by Luke Ngo

(0:00-2:05) Question: “What was the pivotal moment in your life that made you want to make a change?” Answer: “It was more a set of circumstances than a moment. I was a functional alcoholic for decades. I learned later that...

“I dont believe they knew how to deal with it”.
November 29, 2017 App Interview

Me: Who was the person misusing drugs? Interviewee: My brother was the person misusing drug. Me: When did you first realize that drugs were a problem for this person? Interviewee: After several months when his behavior became erratic, it was...

She’s taking herself away from us and everybody who loves her

Me: Who was the person misusing drugs in your family? Sean: Well it wasn’t a member of my family, but it was somebody I’ve known since she was 5 years old, so I’ve know her for quite a long time....

"Alcohol played a bigger part in my life than my family and friends" by Katerina Gonzales

Speaker 1 (00:02): Hello, I'm Katerina Gonzales and 'm interviewing someone who is a recovering alcoholic. So, first question, what was the pivotal moment that made you wanna change your life? Speaker 2 (00:16): Uh, to be honest, my life...

Addicted to Starving

“This is just another story, it’s not a story about a weirdo”. On December 1, 2019, Lane Bynum interviewed her mother, Marti Noxon, about her struggles with eating disorders, and the process of turning her experiences into a movie. At...

Steve Desroches and Michelle Axelson

Steve Desroches (48) talks to Michelle Axelson (45) about her move to Provincetown, Massachusetts where she is known for her activism and as the owner of the historic and iconic feminist bookstore Womencrafts.

Jeni Robinson interview

Jeni gets interviewed by her sister about her struggles in life

Tyler Beam and Sarah Davis

One Small Step participants Tyler Beam (44) and Sarah Davis (40) discuss their experiences living abroad, what it's like pursuing a second career and master's degree in their forties, their political beliefs, and their spiritual identities.

"At these parties I was surrounded by drugs and alcohol" by Hayde Cruz-Aragon

Hayde: It is October third, and currently it is 5:33 pm. Today I am here with.. Amanda: Amanda Hayde: Hi Amanda, how are you doing today? Amanda: I'm doing good. Hayde: Do you know why I’m here today? Amanda: Umm...

Granddaughter interviews the Peer family matriarch.

I interview my Grammy who is 75 years during the COVID-19 pandemic. From her childhood and parents to meeting and losing the love of her life our interview gives just a glimpse of her beautiful soul. She is truly an...