Leola Walker and Corinthians Walker

Corinthians Walker (43) interviews her mother, Leola Walker (78), about her grandmother Annie who ran a rooming house on Auburn Avenue next to Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta's historic King District during the Civil Rights Movement and lived to be...

Maya Welland and Dvora Caspi

Dvora Caspi (81) talks with her granddaughter (17), about her life experiences such as her activity in the Civil Rights Movement, experiences living in Israel, and her current bond with her family.

Anne Keehnen and Jennifer Scott

One Small Step conversation partners Anne Keehnen (64) and Jennifer Scott (35) discuss their beliefs around different topics, including abortion, the COVID-19 pandemic response, and political division.

Oral History of Otilia Cano

The interview I conducted with my grandma served as a testimonio of her life after moving to the U.S. and discusses the hardships she faced as she left school. and never went back. She talks shortly about her work experiences...

Cristina Larios & Joe Nowinski – An American Story

Cristina Larios (16) talks to Joe Nowinski (33) about her experiences traveling the Americas. Cristina is an American Citizen who grew up in Nicaragua and came to the tiny Almond-Bancroft High School in rural Almond Wisconsin. Joe Nowinski is her...

Jamie Larson and Jeff DeGroot

Jeff DeGroot, age 24, and Jamie Larson, age 21, discuss growing up as children of lesbian parents who were conceived through donor insemination. While Jeff is okay not knowing his donor, Jamie would like to satisfy her curiosity regarding what...