Social Change in women’s history

My grandmother talked about women’s rights from 1945-2018 and described what has changed since

Julia Barden and Shelli Fowler

One Small Step conversation partners Julia Torres Barden (61) and Shelli Fowler (62) discuss formative moments in their political identities, the precarious nature of the current political moment, and what constitutes an effective strategy for social change.

Nilabhro Ghosal and Allison Matthews: Reflecting on the Effects of Disabilities, Growing Up and COVID-19

Nilabhro Ghosal(19) talks with close friend Allie Matthews(18) on the ups and downs of having disabilities, how Covid-19 has altered our life, and reminisce on the past and how we became friends.

Paula Nesoff and Irwin Nesoff

Life partners Paula Nesoff (71) and Irwin Nesoff (72) share valuable insights they've gained in their 51 years of marriage as they discuss the way that taking risks plays a central role in their relationship.

Deborah Kornfeld and Ruth Rappaport-Kristal

Sisters, Deborah Kornfeld (73) and Ruth Rappaport-Kristal (62), share the wonderful story of how the holiday Ice Cream for Breakfast day came to be.

William Martin and Dany Bright

Friends William Martin (33) and Dany Bright (37) share a conversation about their journeys understanding their gender and sexual identities, coming out, challenges faced by the LGBTQ community, and the work of younger generations in making social change.

Lisa Alvarado and Stephen Tootle

One Small Step Conversation partners Lisa Alvarado (31) and Stephen Tootle (47) talk about the roles of their families in shaping their political beliefs, the impact of their loved ones, and meaning of “abolition”.

iCampus – Luther Jeke with Lawrence Yealue

Lawrence and Luther chatted about their personal experiences and the work they do at iCampus and Accountability Lab Liberia