Glenda Miller and Olivia West

Olivia West talks with fellow church member Glenda Miller about her life as a Missionary Nurse in Brazil, people who have inspired her, and how she came to know Christ.

Maggie Toll and Peyton Cahn discuss local food

In this interview, I asked my roommate some questions about her perception of locally-sourced food. Maggie has an relationship with this topic, based on growing up on a farm in a rural town and firmly believing in investing in healthy,...

Lit Life: Sarah and Mary Holland discuss the themes present in the 1982 novel "The Color Purple" and what can be learned from them.

In this discussion, grandmother and granddaughter talk about the importance of the lessons that "The Color Purple" presents. They discuss significant characters and how they contribute to the reader's understanding of topics such as religion, women's rights, and identity within...

Factors To Be Considered in Custom Essay Writing

Custom essay writing is most looked at online term for students, as the daily college routine leaves no time for students to complete other academic assignments such as an essay. Thus, students are bound to hire an essay writing service...

Sam Monastero and Nick Monastero interview about creativity

Sam Monastero 18 interviewed his brother nick Monastero 21 about creativity and how it relates to his art

Theo Deluhery and Liz Deluhery: adoption is beautiful

Theo Deluhery: 2020-11-09 19:16:28 Adoption is something that is shown in this interview of a mother and son that shows the journey of something that seemed impossible but was guided throughout by God.

Veterans & Homefront Voices: Major General (Ret) Linda Singh, and cadet Majors of Baltimore Polytechnic Institute Junior ROTC

Major General Linda Singh served in the Maryland National Guard first as an enlisted soldier who rose to the rank of Adjutant General, leader of the Maryland Guard. MG Singh's personal and professional stories and insights encompass hope, leadership, and...

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected addiction in America?

Jose Sanchez speaks to us on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected social and familial relationships, his socioeconomic status, and his drug addiction.

Ayden Ruesgen and Shawn Ruesgen

Ayden Ruesgen: 2020-11-06 14:09:13, this is me(Ayden Ruesgen) interviewing my father and asking him about his childhood and what his life is like now.

luke ruiz and sequoia starr

luke ruiz: 2020-11-05 10:12:56 sequoia age 16 my relationship is my gf and we dusscused things about a person you love or look up to

"It comes from you to take action to change"

Joe opens up about environmental factors that contributed to his consumption of drinking at his early teens. He mentions who helped him recover and how he realized he needed help and why. Overall being giving inspiration to those in trouble...

Analyzing The Value Of Design Thinking In Business Strategy

I remember looking for “The Hungry Tide” by Amitav Ghosh across an e-Commerce platform. Found 3 versions of the book. 1 in hardcover, the rest in softcovers. However, I opted for one version of the book. It was the design...

The Great Cultural Conversations of 2020: Susie Vinson and Bekah Allen

My Grandma and I talked about her ups and downs of life and some people who she is most fond of in her life.

The Honorable Charles Fleming thru the eyes of his son, Charles Fleming.

Charles Fleming talks about his fathers' greatest accomplishments and funny saying.

Pipe Relining Melbourne

Need an emergency plumbing solution? Contact HiFlow Drains. We are family-owned and operated, specialists will go through Pipe Relining as well as blocked sewer Melbourne to replacing or upgrading these pipes can also be expensive and time-consuming. Our best methods and techniques can...

Keren McCord and Nancy Boyle

Keren McCord (50) sat down with her friend and long-time colleague, Nancy Boyle (65). They shared lessons learned from Nancy's career in social work as well as lessons learned from each other.

The journey from South Korea to America

Alan Yoon: 2020-10-12 05:54:29 Alan Yoon interviews his dad on his experience and memories that are all part of the family moving to America.