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Tyler and Chloe discuss preparing for the climate emergency
January 28, 2022 App Interview

Building a community in your neighborhood for environmental action. Small ways to engage, gain knowledge, and create accessibility to environmentally friendly behaviors.


The 9/11 attacks crearly still scares the enterviewee and that's something that he deals with everyday

Carnival/ Vi family

Different ways to improve carnival and how carnival was back then.

Taras Chicz and Isabel Mezei discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Taras and Isabel discuss the associations with stress and attention fatigue that the climate crisis has. Coping mechanisms, and emotional challenges were also discussed.

Melissa reflects on Psychology of Environmental Stewardship

During this interview, I discuss my experience with neighborhood level behavior change concepts in regards to the climate crisis. I answer questions about the meaningful concepts I’ve learned and how these approaches differ from convention.

Jill Sneider and Joan Bryan

Jill Sneider (70) shares a conversation with her mother, Joan Bryan (94), about Joan’s husband, Jill’s father, their life together, their family, and the values that their family lives by.

Carrie Wang and Claire Fong.

This is an interview Carrie has with Claire. In the interview, Claire tells Carrie about her hometown, family, part-time job, idol and some interesting memories.

School Fire

In this interview my grandmother and I️ talked about a fire that she witnessed her senior year of collage.

Interview with Michele Mizia

I spend time with my mom as we delve into her experience with classical ballet and her childhood and teenage regrets.

My cousin’s life lesson, decisions and childhood memories

A cousin (Kathy Lin) interviews her cousin (Sarah Zhang) on her life lessons, decisions and childhood memories. Throughout Sarah's life she has made many life decisions but hasn't regret anything. The decisions she made is greatly influenced by her mother....

Time with Herman Mark Voss

10 good questions with a rock and roll kind of dude.

Ryan Lewison in Austin, 2017

Ryan and Kristi have been dating a couple of years. Kristi sat down and listened to some stories about Ryan's life.

Interview with my sister

We talked about people in her life and Covid-19.

Interview with my mom

I interviewed my mom asking her questions about her life. She gave me detailed answers to all the questions I asked her. My mom, Dawn Bales is my biggest inspiration in life.

An Interview with Dave Holt
January 16, 2018 App Interview

Kevin Kim (17) interviews his English tutor Dave Holt (69) about his childhood in a small town in Canada. Mr. Holt shares his story about living throughout the Cold War. He talks about his native American heritage experience. At minute...

Live during the Algerian war

My grandfather tells his life in Algeria during the Algerian war. He left Algeria for France with his 2 brothers at the age of 19.

The Unknown Story of My Mom

I was finally able to have a look into the unknown life of my mother and how she grew up.