Black Folks Camp Too: Interview with Founder Earl B. Hunter, Jr. and Hannah Wherry-AIP Graduate Student with Miami University, OH.

Earl B. Hunter Jr. and Hannah Wherry met at a recent animal welfare event and sparked an amazing conversation about nature inclusion and diversifying the outdoors and accessibility for all. "Treat Everyone, Everywhere, Equally" is their powerful motto that brings...

Geena Lazzerini and Wendy Joyce-Fenton

One Small Step Partners, Geena Lazzerini (21) and Wendy Joyce-Fenton (59), discuss the need for community, spirituality, and connection as well as their differing views on social issues such a gun control.

Mr. Taylor

Getting to know my teacher better who is about to retire. He was my freshman teacher but he’s not just just a teacher!

Student-Teacher Connections

Hear how Karla interviews a teacher that has taught her more than just the structure of a sentence in Spanish. This teacher has given her a beautiful and true insight of what is life.

J. Brian Weller and Sarah Padgett

Sarah Padgett (25) interviews her great uncle J. Brian Weller (86) about his childhood, the relationships that have shaped him, and his hopes for the future of their family. Throughout their conversation, they remember Richard Sanderson White, who was J....

Melissa Bent and Michael Phelan

Spouses Melissa Bent [no age given] and Michael Phelan [no age given] tell the story of how they met in the art world, their journey moving to and living in Marfa, Texas, and the reasons they stay in Marfa.

Camari Olson and Laura Bancroft

Camari Olson (50) and Laura Bancroft (53), two close friends talk about Camari surviving breast cancer twice, their love of adventure, and how their friendship has helped each to face challenging times and embrace life.

Laura Strauss and Monica Corton

Monica Corton (56) interviews her friend, Laura Strauss (89), about her connection to Central Synagogue, the impact that her relationships and involvement at Central have had on her life, and their experiences counting the Omer together.

Bita Edraki and Kathy Purnell

Kathy Purnell (54) interviews her colleague, Bita Edraki (57), about her childhood in Iran before the Iranian Revolution, her journey to the United States, and her Bahá’í faith that has guided her through many transitions in life.

Gail Sinai and Arden Donohue

Arden Donohue (31) and Gail Sinai (62) talk about their friendship, their connections to Judaism, and Central's Mishkan program.

PBL Social Studies interview on World Wide Web period 4

Me and my father talked about the impact the world wide web has on his life and work. He spoke about how he reacted and his thoughts on the internet becoming a large part of he world.

Steve Stormont talks about his experiences with me as a child

I asked my grandpa about his experiences with me as a child. He responded with very in-depth answers. My grandpa has always been true to me so he had nothing to really hide from me. He shared some experiences of...

Papa´s Girl
December 12, 2022 App Interview

Zella Abraham (15) talks with her best friend Sadie Long (17) about heroes and role models, and how they shape who we are.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Sarah interviews her dad for the Great Thanksgiving Listen.

Carmel Keane and Shira Smillie

Carmel Keane (22) shares a story she's written with new friend and StoryCorps facilitator Shira Smillie (26), reflecting on her grandparents, her connection to Ireland, and the way photographs can carry memories.

After Shelter with Sandra Escamilla

Sandra Escamilla talks with Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis Visitor Services Associate Angela Hermann about quarantine and the hope of art while standing inside the art installation "SHELTER" by Derek Fordjour.

Gloria Weston-Smart, Joyce Thomas, and Joann Bynum Johnson

Sisters Gloria Weston-Smart (66), Joyce Thomas (64), and Joann Bynum Johnson (61) reminisce about their childhood together, remember family members who have passed away, and express gratitude for the tight-knit community that they grew up in.

Mom’s journey to America

Justin Lam(16) interviews Pauline T Lieu(his mom) about her upbringing and how it was affected by the Vietnam War up to her early adult life studying for a PhD in biology.

Charlie Cecil and Alberto Marquez

Charlie Cecil (45) entrevista a su amigo Alberto Marquez (80) sobre su niñez, cómo llegó a los Estados Unidos y la relación entre sus familias, especialmente entre Alberto y los abuelos de Charlie. [Charlie Cecil (45) interviews his friend Alberto...

Susan Wagner and Elizabeth Wagner

Sisters Susan Wagner (61) and Liz Wagner (57) interview one another about their connection to Central Synagogue and their Jewish journey from being cultural Jews as children without any ties to a synagogue to becoming adult b'not mitzvah, sought-after Hebrew...