Interview with Victo Veroda of Cuba, Kansas

This interview is part was done by Boy Scouts from Troop 386, Edmond as part of the Eagle Scout Project of Alexander Fryer. The purpose of this project was to help seniors record stories of their life. One goal of...

Robert Jimenez (DOB 5/9/23) with Trina Page April 17, 2015

Grandpa reflects on his upbringing, his mother, his work life and his struggles with alcoholism.

Will Melton and Marlene Bicchieri

One Small Step partners, Will Melton (37) and Marlene Bicchieri [no age given] discuss their personal experiences, foreign policy, family planning and various other topics.

StoryCorp Interview with Jaida Marler
November 29, 2022 App Interview

Jaida Marler (15) talks about her experiences in the Tulsa Community College EDGE Program (Earn a Degree, Graduate Early)

Madelynn Reilly & Eric Vance

Madelynn Reilly: 2022-11-29 00:29:32 Madelynn Reilly (14) talks with her uncle, Eric Vance (44), about his relationship with his parents growing up, the time he got in the biggest trouble as a child, and how his parents have influenced how...

Dale Lee Interviews Abbi Park

Abbi-Hope Jihye Park is a sophomore at Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA) in the Creative Writing conservatory. She is published in Down in the Dirt Magazine, Plum Tree Tavern, Scarlet Leaf Review, and Quail Bell Magazine. She is...

Cricut Design Space Not Working 2022 ? 18556070306 Call

Design Space is a mate application that works with Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore family splendid cutting machines. Reasonable with workspace, versatile PC tablets and phones, this web-based program grants you to scrutinize extraordinary many pictures, ready to-make assignments, and...

Shirley Grimm and Nathan Grimm

Nathan Grimm (16) talks with Shirley Grimm (58) about her childhood in the philipines, moving to the US, and traveling.

Carina Bondoc, A US Navy Veteran and mother

In this interview my mother and I discuss her experience in the Navy from things like the hardships as a woman serving to places she's been to.

My Interview with Joe

About his experience through cultures and the world

Armita Ghahremani and Freeda Saba discussing Freeda's Life and Family History

Armita Ghahremani (14) talks with her aunt, Freeda Saba (50/preferred to not say real age) about her proudest moments, passion and work balance, as well as history that affected her life. We go in depth about her timeline and her...

Serena Melder and Kate Young

One Small Step conversation partners Serena Melder (40) and Kate Young (47) talk about choosing what you believe, manipulation, the way faith brings peace, living in a Christian cult, and finding your power.

Deedee Miller and Kent Stehlik

One Small Step conversation partners Deedee Miller (75) and Kent Stehlik [No age given] disucss influences in their lives, politics, history and education.

Jane Holwerda and Noor Kheryi

One Small Step conversation partners Jane Holwerda (60) Noor Kheryl (38) discuss the immigrant journey, Somalian culture and political situation, democracy, their families and their hopes for the future.

Randy Le and Madeline Wonsala

Randy Le talks briefly with fellow student Madeline Wonsala about his parents and why they're important to him.

Mark Lorenzoni and Cynthia Lorenzoni

Spouses Mark (65) and Cynthia Lorenzoni (62) talk about the dark moments in life that led them to each other. They reflect on how they use their past experiences to encourage those around them and talk about the running business...

Gretchen Addi and Marcia Weisbrot: Multi-generational friendships
September 27, 2022 App Interview

Board of Directors Storytelling Project: Our sixth and final StoryCorps conversation is between SFV Board Co-chair Gretchen Addi and Board member Marcia Weisbrot. Although they have different professions, Gretchen and Marcia share a background in creative and visual arts. They...

Interview with Mom

On October 23, 2022, I interviewed my Mom, Norah Frei. After completing undergrad school and working for a year, Norah found that her job at an advertising agency was not the right career path for her. After hearing about her...