The Foreign Trip

This is about a person that crossed over to the USA as a young person and this is their experience. The Voices are altered to keep the identity safe.

Untitled Interview

In February 2016, Twitter officially announced the launch of two new business options. On the official wiki twitter, you can find out about the possibility of conducting a customer survey thanks to the Customer Feedback service, which will allow companies...

Favziya and professor Dr. Graeme Wylllie

Graeme Wyllie (40) talks to his student, Favziya Rasulova (19) about originally being from Scotland and why decided to move to the United States.

Jayalakshmi Ranganathan and Twara Sandeep(with Uma Ranganathan and Tulasi Ranganathan as intermediaries)

Twara Sandeep(16) talks with her grandmother Jayalakshmi Ranganathan(73) and asks her questions about her life, with her mom Uma Ranganathan(38) and aunt Tulasi Ranganathan(30) as intermediaries and to join in the conversation as they see fit.

Yvonnah Marshall IWC100

In this interview, Kerstin Kealy shared her experience as a reporter. She enlightens us about her upbringing, career achievements, and reveals some important moments shaping her into who she is today. Kerstin Kealy grew up in Buffalo, Minnesota. She received...

Interview with Grandma

This interview took place on November 29th, 2021 with my Grandmother, Mary Scholle. My Grandmother is 78 years old and reflected on her life lessons.

The Essence of Food in Life with My Mother

Interview with mother about her childhood life and other memories.

On the Road to 2030, 2050 and Beyond … with Shannon Crossbear

Sue Blythe: 2022-02-18 19:12:46 Sue Blythe of the Climate Collaboratory talks with Shannon Crossbear, an Ojibwe elder, about significant moments in her life journey that influenced the work she does today.

Kevie's Life

This is an interview about my grandfather's life. This interview includes what he likes to do which is coaching basketball and being a photographer and how that lifestyle has effected him, and why he enjoys doing it.

Interview with Milena

This is an interview of my little sister, Milena Roof

Michael Ochoa

Michael Ochoa: 2021-06-08 23:16:450- Michael Ochoa(17) interviews his little brother Jacob Ochoa(13).

Entrevista A Mi Papá

In this interview I asked my dad about his journey to the US, the obstacles he faced, and how he feels about living in a new country.

Sean and Patricia

My grandma (Patricia Mielke) answers some questions about her childhood and previous marriage. Growing up with 8 siblings and dealing with financially struggling, alcoholic, unstable parents as the oldest of the 8 siblings enhances a bad childhood, but good life...

Dating and Finding Love Full Interview

Hello, My name is Lauren Sandoval and today I met with my mom, Tonya Sandoval to discuss dating and finding love. I got to hear some of her experiences and also learn how she found "the one" AKA my dad.

Interviewing Carlos Reynoso.

Carlos tells us about his experience being born in Mexico and his experience living in Both the US and Mexico.

A Shift of Political Perspectives

This is an interview with a family member from a different generation about a Social Studies topic.

A Little Insight into Kathleen's Past
September 1, 2021 App Interview

Avery Boyse interviews Kathleen Boyse, her 55-year-old mother. She shares stories from her childhood and describes her father George Sennett and his mother Erminie (Mimi) Sennett. She also talks about her career and the qualities she would like to be...

Numerology có thể cho bạn câu trả lời cho những câu hỏi khiến bạn tỉnh giấc vào ban đêm không?

Tội to nhất có lẽ là dành cả đời để khiến cho điều gì đấy mà bạn không muốn làm cho. Bạn thức dậy, bạn sống ở một đô thị mà bạn không thích, bạn lái xe đi làm với...

Caiden Anderson and Margaret Anderson

In this Caiden Anderson is interviewing Margaret Anderson, his grandma. She is 74 years of age and is going strong. It is about how her life has been and what she has done with it so far.