Patty Dominguez and Sherry Sanders

Sherry Sanders (66) reflects on her life as a pioneer for women in a male-dominated work environment to her friend Patty Dominguez (60).

Kate Hirsch and Adam Hirsch

Kate Hirsch is interviewed by her husband Adam Hirsch about his illness, Guillian-Barre Syndrome and how they coped with it.

Charlotte Haq

Charlotte (18) and I (also 18) talk about our ethnic and racial identities in today's world full of stereotypes, racism, and ignorance.

Thomas Angell and Christina Cregg

Christina, 32, interviews her best friend, Thomas, 43, about his childhood in Tennessee; setting the closet on fire; his sister; their relationship as best friends; his Navy experience.

Sandhya Rajagopalan and Vandana Rajagopalan

Sandhya Rajagopalan (18) talks to her mother, Vandana Rajagopalan (45), about memories of growing up in India and how her life changed after she moved to America in her 20s

Megha Patel and Shaila Gopal- The Challenges of Being an Athlete

Megha Patel (18) talks with her close friend Shaila Gopal (18) about her struggles and triumphs through her athletic career. While having to balancing academics, mental health, and social life, Shaila reveals her motivation to grow from her severe physical...

Abby Ross interviews her dad, Randy.

Abby Ross (14) interviews her dad Randy (42), a first responder, and gets and understanding of his thoughts about the COVID19 pandemic and how it's been effecting him.

Amber Ruble and Ashlynne Fohn

Amber Ruble (18) talks with her best friend, Ashlynne Fohn (17), asking about Fohn's personal life and how this COVID-19 Pandemic has affected her.

Mis Ancestros

Melanie Tellez (17) talks with her mother, Maria Tellez (51) about her childhood and what it was like growing up in Mexico. They both speak on the values that were taught to her by her parents and siblings.

Tracee Adams and Scott Sellers
November 10, 2020 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Tracee Adams [no age given] and Scott Sellers (40) talk about growing up large families, freedom of religion, personal responsibility, racism, and shifts in political parties.

Ursula Baker and Pamela Rhett
December 2, 2020 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Pamela Rhett [no age given] and Ursula Baker [no age given] discuss their upbringings in parts of Georgia, and the changing political landscape that has both of them concerned.