Jack Powell and Maria Collins
February 8, 2010 StoryKit

Jack Powell was a poor kid from literally the wrong side of the tracks who went to college on an athletic scholarship and became a rare-earth chemist who purified uranium for the Manhattan scholarship. He says, “losing my football scholarship...

Dorothy Courtney and Tommy Burke

Dorothy Avila Courtney (82) talks to her grandson, Tommy Burke (20), about influential people in her life, such as her mother, father, and her 8th grade teacher, Sister Amadeus. She remembers mornings spent with her father asking him about his...

Edward Augustus Dearolph and Scott Crook

Edward Augustus (Gus) Dearolph (71) is interviewed by his friend and former colleague, Scott Crook (56) about his Marine background, his long tenure at Woodward Academy as a physics teacher and his hopes for Woodward Academy moving forward.