Mark Pearson and Roberta van Haeften

Mark Pearson (45) interviews his grandmother, Roberta "Bobbie" van Haeften (79), about her career in the Department of Agriculture and the success she experienced and is proud of to this day.

Casper Cendre, Nicky Snyder, and Doug Snyder

Casper Cendre (29) speaks to his parents, Nicky Snyder (62) and Doug Snyder (59), about spirituality, having dual citizenship, and finally, Casper’s parents' feelings about his transition.

Bryan Massengale and Dee Dee Romo

Friends Diana "Dee Dee" Romo (46) and Bryan Massengale (47) talk about the way community looks during these times of the COVID pandemic, the Destiny Arts Center Black (W)hole and Elders project, and their connection to spirit, ancestors, and healing.

Heather Luca and Edith Bohanan

Heather Luca (44) talks with her mother Edith E. Bohanan (68) about being diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, their family's history, the impact of Edith's health challenges, and what they love and appreciate about each other.

E. Charny and Audrey Glickman

Joseph "Joe" Charny (88) speaks to his friend, Audrey Glickman (59), about his prominent classmates in school, his Jewish family history, and his brilliant son, David, who passed away at a young age.

Sarah Jumonville and Kristen Brownlow

Sarah Jumonville (30) speaks to her friend, Kristen Brownlow (29), about becoming interested in metalwork as a teenager, working as a welder, and using trade to instill confidence in girls by teaching at Rosie's Girls.

Ted Brooks and Jeanne Ashley

High School sweethearts and current partners, Ted Brooks (64) and Jeanne Porter Ashley (65), speak about reconnecting recently after being separated by their parents as teenagers for being a mixed race couple.

Wendy Griffin and Susan Robison

Wendy Griffin (60) talks with her friend Susan Robison (70) about her work with indigenous populations in Honduras. She has worked for over 20 years documenting traditions and languages, fighting for bilingual education, and helping preserve the rainforest.

Jason Simmons and Brandi Biswell

Friends, Jason H. Simmons (40) and Brandi Biswell (40), talk about the historic Sauer Castle in Rosedale, Kansas. They discuss the castle's history, its various owners throughout the years, and the state of the castle today.

Mai Nguyen and Michelle Bui

Michelle Bui (28) asks her mother, Mai Nguyen (63), about her journey from Vietnam to the United States in 1979 and how she felt during that time. Mai also remembers her childhood, the role of religion in her life, and...

David Conway and Sarah Hamner

Sarah Anne Hamner (25) interviews her grandfather, David Conway (77), about his childhood and parents, siblings, playing music and his love of music, meeting his wife and marrying her, and the birth of his two daughters.

Toni Gonzales and Robert Gonzales

Toni Gonzales (89) talks with her son, Robert Gonzales, Jr. (58), about her memories of growing up, her loving and strong relationship with her husband who passed away a year ago, and what she remembers about what Robert was like...

Brianna Ewert, Mary Ann Ewert, and Brian Ewert

Brianna Ewert (39) talks with both her parents Mary Ann Ewert (68) and Brian Ewert (71) about memories they have of their grandparents, memories of their parents, memories Brianna has of her grandparents, and what it's like for Mary Ann...

Paul Meier and Richard Smith

Paul Meier (34) talks with his father-in-law Richard Smith (75) about Richard's early years being born on the Native Reservation in Dixon, Richard's career in architecture, and his large loving family.

Patrice Greene and Stan Greene

Spouses Patrice Greene (54) and Stan Greene (59) remember Frances "Pat" Norman, Patrice's mother who recently passed away. They talk about who she was as a mother and an employee of General Motors, and remember the experience of taking care...

Susan Orlins and Emily Orlins

Susan Orlins (66) talks with her daughter Emily Orlins (24) about her relationship with her parents and how she became a writer

Rodolfo Juarez-Pinedo, Alexandra Juárez, and Fernando Garcia Pinedo

Rodolfo "Rudy" Juarez-Pinedo (24) talks with his mother, Alexandra Juarez (59), and his father, Fernando Garcia Pinedo (61), about what life is like as someone who grew up Latino but is still finding his Mexican-American identity. They also talk about...

Hortense Pinedo, Debra Erven, and Danielle Seaberg

Hortense Pinedo (84) talks with her daughter Debra Erven (63) and granddaughter Danielle Seaberg (40) about her life growing up in Pinedale, California, working on a farm and later in a variety store. She talks about how she met her...

Jesse DeLeon and Linda DeLeon

Married for 52 years, spouses Jesse DeLeon (73) and Linda DeLeon (72) remember meeting each other in elementary school, reminisce on their parents who have all passed away, and talk about being parents and grandparents together.

Cathy Barker and Dick Weaver

Cathy Barker (66) shares a unique story with her husband Dick Weaver (68) centered around her family's long practice of hospitality and inclusion. Cathy shares a story about about Jacques, her mother's life-long friend, who was rejected by his parents...