Kevin West and Adele Yellin

Kevin West (49) interviews his former manager and former owner of the Grand Central Market, Adele Yellin (72), about how the Grand Central Market came about and how she, Kevin and others revitalized the space after her husband's passing.

David Wong and Sophie Wong

David Wong (73) talks with his daughter Sophie Wong (42) about how his life has unfolded since he immigrated from China in the 1940s. He describes how he stays positive, all the different kinds of jobs he has kept, falling...

Terry Solis and Steven Jacob Lopez Rodriguez

Terry Solis (54) and her son Steven Jacob (21) talk about upward mobility for their family, the struggles their family faced when they had to move to Mexico, and how Terry sets an example for her sons as the Vice...

Linda Elliott-Nelson, Randy Nelson, and Ben Nelson

Dr. Linda Elliott-Nelson (62) is interviewed by her husband Randy Nelson (63) and their son Ben Nelson (27), who ask Linda about her career in education. She remembers deciding to be a teacher, early memories of being a Spanish professor,...

Maritza Cha and Blanca Herdgwithini

Maritza Cha (37) y su mama Blanca Herdgwithini (65) hablan de la conexión bien fuerte que han hecho como madre y hija, a pesar de años muy duros que han pasado mientras tanto Blanca tuvo tres trabajos para hacer que...

Karen Ward and Mary Pyke

Karen Ward (62) and her sister Mary Pyke (63) talk about meeting for the first time in 1994 after discovering they were sisters. The sisters talk about their shared interests, like backpacking and horses, their respective families, how they’ve become...

Rick Winer and Reza Nekvmanesh

Friends and colleagues Rabbi Rick Winer (54) and Hajj Reza Nekvmanesh (43) talk about their shared commitments to doing interfaith work in the Fresno community, the challenges of doing this work, and where they find strength within and amongst their...

Floyd Wafer and Rachel Wafer

Floyd Wafer (62) talks with his daughter Rachel Wafer (43) about his childhood being raised in a single parent household. Floyd shares some of his parenting philosophies, and Rachel tells him how she feels to have him in her life.

Kathleen Hagan and Larry Hagan

Larry Hagan (89) shares stories with his daughter Kathleen Hagan (59) about his long career as an Air Traffic Controller.

Rudy Barron and Melissa Stanfield

Melissa Stanfield (39) interviews her dad, Rudy Barron (64), about his upbringing in Texas, his many jobs and some of the racism he faced in those jobs, and a memory he has of seeing a UFO when he was 12...

Justine Schmidt and Dana Millikin

Long time friends Justine Schmidt [no age given] and Dana Millikin [no age given] reminisce on how they broke into the male-dominated TV journalism world in Houston and beyond. Together, they laugh about some of their shenanigans, while reflecting on...

JoAnne Mowczko and William Mowczko

JoAnne Mowczko (73) is interviewed by her husband William "Bill" Mowczko (76) about her upbringing, her educational and career journey and her future goals.

Joan Zoloth and Helen Zoloth

Joan Zoloth (65) talks with her mother Helen Zoloth (99) about what Helen's life has been like as a life-long resident of Los Angeles. Together, they talk about Helen's earliest memories of Los Angeles, how she met her late husband...

Patrick Williams and Beverly Williams

Spouses Patrick "Pat" Williams (73) and Beverly “Bev” Williams (71) share stories of similar traditional upbringings, even though Pat was a military brat and Bev’s lived in Amarillo all her life. The spouses also talk about their commitment to serving...

Allen Shankles and Pattilou Dawkins

Friends and community of the arts members Allen Shankles (62) and Pattilou Dawkins (84) share pieces of personal and historical Amarillo history, Allen talks about his decades-long work with the Amarillo Theatre, and Pattilou talks about the vibrant arts community...

Jill Caldwell and Vic Woodring

Siblings Jill Caldwell (55) and Vic Woodring (59) remember their mother, Dr. Phyllis McGee Woodring. They talk about attending the University of North Carolina as undergraduates at the same time Phyllis was attending UNC's medical school.