William McAllister, Lisa McAllister, and Amy Farges

William McAllister was interviewed by his daughters, Lisa McAllister and Amy Farges, as well as his grandson, Julien Farges. They talked about William’s life growing up, the Depression, WWII, William’s return to college after the war, his Masters and PhD,...

Joshua Skoudis interviews Nour Mohammed

Joshua Skoudis talks to Nour Mohammed about his early life, his views on religion, racism and hierarchy, and the evil of corporations.

A Pastoral Assistant's Thoughts on his Life, Job, and COVID-19

Junsuk Seo (27) talks to Hyeon Woo Kim (19) about what his life has been like leading up to this point where he's pursuing the role of a pastor. Junsuk also goes a little more in-depth with his specific spiritual...

Grace Burton-Edwards and Laurence Schlesinger

One Small Step conversation partners Rev. Grace Burton-Edwards (56) and Rabbi Laurence "Larry" Schlesinger (72) have a conversation about Israel, religion, and fostering connection between religions.

Maureen Martinson and Desiree Marcil Reflects On Relationship With Her Life

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. On April 27th 2021, Desiree Marcil in Yorba Linda, California interviews mother, Maureen Martinson, in Brea, California. Maureen Martinson reflects on her life with a hospitalized parent, a liberal daughter, and the effects of...