Tarik Mahdi and Yusuf Al-Rahman

Tarik Mahdi (36) and friend Yusuf Al-Rahman (41) exchange stories about the micro-aggressions they dealt with as Black Muslim men and experiences where they challenged the ignorance around them.

Patricia Willits and Leigh Carlson

Patricia "Patti" Willits (70) speaks with her One Small Step partner, Leigh Carlson (66), about their political values and differing upbringings.

My grandmother Cynthia

My grandmother tells about personal experiences growing up, struggles in her life, life goals, and advice to younger generations.

Vinayak Talla and AliceMae Lacson

AliceMae Lacson talks about her childhood, culture, religion, and identity growing up as a first generation Filipino American.

Joshua Gilmour and Killion [No Name Given]

One Small Step conversation partners Joshua Gilmour (39) and Killion [No Name Given] (56) talk about religion, agnosticism, tenacity, political moderation, and the common good.